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Six Reasons To Go All in With UCx With Webex

Unified communications (UC) solutions are booming. A recent survey found that 47% of businesses are using UC solutions, and by 2023, that number is anticipated to rise to 70%. Many organizations are streamlining their entry into unified communications using UCx with Webex.

The intuitive solution combines calling, messaging, meetings, screen sharing, VoIP, video and collaboration feature functionality in a single application, allowing businesses to simplify their communications. Here are some of the top reasons to go all-in with UCx with Webex.

1. You Get a Cloud-Based Platform

Because it’s based in the cloud, UCx with Webex gives you the kind of continuity you can’t get from an on-premises system. Instead of being hampered by physical boxes, UCx with Webex resides in redundant data centers with top-level of security. This means you have better reliability. In the event of a power failure or disaster, cloud communications allow you to continue to connect.

With cloud technology, you also gain greater freedom. Instead of being tethered to your desk phone, users can use the device of their choice and stay connected from anywhere in the world using the same phone number and meeting credentials.

2. Centralized System Management

It doesn’t matter where your employees are located; managing their communication system from a central location is easy if you have UCx with Webex. You can add and delete users and enable the features they need to succeed from a single point of access. You don’t need additional support staff dedicated to managing the system. Unlike traditional phone and PBX systems that are complex and difficult to manage, UCx with Webex is easy to manage within a web-based interface.

3. More Secure Communications

When you have an important meeting discussing sensitive information, you need a solution that is secure. UCx with Webex is built using end-to-end encryption to keep your data private. This means that even if an attacker intercepts your data, they wouldn’t be able to use it because they wouldn’t have the decryption key.

UCx with Webex also features enterprise-level security and feature functionality. When you know you will be discussing sensitive topics, you can lock your meeting, ensuring only authorized users can attend. Participants who try to access your locked meeting will sit in a waiting room until you have authorized them to join the meeting. UCx with Webex allows you to collaborate freely without compromising any security.

4. Productivity-Boosting Features

This secure solution also enhances collaboration and communication with helpful productivity tools. While many productivity tools are critical in today’s business, employees don’t want to access dozens of applications to use them. UCx with Webex incorporates all productivity tools in a single application, resulting in fewer headaches and happier employees. Take advantage of the following feature functionality:

  • Collaboration: Create dedicated spaces and teams to stay organized on topics and projects. With file sharing, whiteboarding, and integration to third-party vendors like Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce, it’s easy to take your collaboration to the next level.
  • Messaging: Collaboration doesn’t just happen during meetings. Take advantage of in-application messaging to keep the conversation going in between meetings. Know when your team members are available with presence status and remove the guesswork of knowing when to reach out. With notifications, offline messaging, and archived chat history, it’s easy to keep up with direct or group chat messages.  Send a direct or group chat
  • Meetings: With personalized meeting rooms that hold up to 1000 participants, UCx with Webex offers an intuitive meeting experience with screen sharing, in-meeting chat, polls, reactions, Q&A, and more.
  • Calling: No matter where you are, you can make or receive calls from a desk phone, softphone, or cell phone. Using a single business phone number, UCx with Webex takes advantage of VoIP, cellular network, and the Wi-Fi network to provide greater call flexibility.

5. A Cost-Effective Solution

You don’t need to install expensive, complicated systems or hardware boxes when you go all-in with UCx with Webex. Because it’s a cloud-based solution, you can even use the client as a softphone, foregoing handsets if you’d like. You also get to cut the cord with many different communications and productivity apps. UCx with Webex eliminates the need of having multiple communications apps, ultimately eliminating those monthly fees.

6. A Fully Integrated Solution

You can interface UCx with Webex with popular third-party apps, such as those from Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, and others. With an integrated solution, you don’t have to worry about whether the apps your team has grown to love and depend on fit in with your communications system. This makes UCx with Webex an ideal complement for your current app infrastructure.

Do More With UCx With Webex

As a cost-effective, cloud-based, centralized solution, UCx with Webex is easy to commit to, especially due to its bounty of useful features. Discover its potential for your organization today.

Ready to Go All In with UCx with Webex?


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