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Top UCx with Webex Features That Drive Productivity

UCx with Webex enables you to transform the way you work without sacrificing productivity or convenience. Thanks to several unique features, you can do more, share more, and customize everyone’s experience—while ensuring security at the same time. Here are our favorite UCx with Webex features that drive productivity.

Noise Cancellation

Nothing halts a meeting faster than background noise. Instead of letting your meeting get derailed, you can turn on noise cancellation within UCx with Webex. When you have the noise cancellation feature turned on, it suppresses background noise, such as dogs barking, lawnmowers, and vehicles driving by, producing higher quality sound. This allows meetings to run smoothly without background noise interrupting the experience or affecting productivity.

Lock Meeting

When unwanted visitors pop into a meeting, it can cause problems ranging from awkward distractions to cybersecurity threats. The lock meeting feature of UCx with Webex puts you in control of who is allowed in your meetings and who is not, ensuring productivity stays high and collaboration remains effective. With the lock meeting feature, the meeting host can prevent others from joining their meeting, which allows you to keep your meetings secure. Users are kept in a waiting room until the host decides to let them in. This also means when you have back-to-back meetings on your calendar, you can prevent users from barging into meetings early.

Meeting App

Users need to be able to connect with each other no matter where they’re located or what kind of device they’re using. This makes for more productive teams and a healthier collaborative process. UCx with Webex offers both a desktop and mobile app making it a breeze to join meetings no matter where you are. If you’re on the go, you can simply use your phone to connect.


Messaging has become a go-to collaboration feature for many organizations. And the ability to share information and ideas helps teams produce more great ideas in a shorter amount of time. The messaging feature within UCx with Webex makes it easy for teams to connect throughout the day. You can direct message someone or create a space and invite multiple people in to collaborate. UCx with Webex also includes a chat feature within the meeting itself, making it easy to share links or other information during a call.

Screen Sharing

Seeing is believing, and when you can share your screen to show an important file, image, video, or PowerPoint, you can make the conversation far more productive. This is where the screen sharing feature of UCx with Webex can make a big difference. Screen sharing adds an interactive visual element to your presentations, enabling participants to offer feedback—or have their own thinking processes stimulated as you present. This empowers them to collaborate and create more effective solutions—in real-time.

Breakout Rooms

It can be difficult to maintain a productive work environment when people have side conversations over others. On the other hand, the breakout rooms in UCx with Webex represent a sensible way to have side conversations without impacting the productivity of other participants. You can use a breakout room to enable a subset of your participants to sync with each other and collaborate at any point during the meeting.

UCx with Webex makes it easy to collaborate and drive productivity on your team. Check out this brochure to learn about all the feature functionality offered in UCx with Webex. And to learn how you can drive greater productivity on your team, contact the experts at TPx.

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