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The Top Risk and Cybersecurity Trends in 2022

Every week it seems there is another cyberattack that makes the news, and the increase in attacks won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Bad actors are becoming much more sophisticated in the tactics they use. The basic cyber protections put in place 10 years ago are not even the bare minimum anymore of a comprehensive, well-formulated cybersecurity plan. In 2022, IT professionals and businesses need to be aware of the cyberattack and cybersecurity trends that are present.

For instance, did you know that every 39 seconds, there is an online attack or that experts claim cybercriminals could successfully attack 93% of companies? With cybercriminals constantly changing their tactics, businesses must be aware of the risks. Here are a few emerging cybersecurity trends to watch out for.

Geographic Phishing Attacks

Phishing scams are one of the biggest cyber threats, and cybercriminals now use geolocation to create sophisticated phishing attacks and business email compromise (BEC) schemes. By creating custom websites based on a user’s specific location, they will create realistic websites to trick users into handing over sensitive information. Employee security awareness training can proactively educate team members about these new sophisticated attacks. Businesses should also consider putting advanced email security in place like Inbox Detection and Response, which allows users to submit suspicious emails and validate if they are malicious or safe.

Identity and Access Management Vulnerabilities

Misuse of user credentials is on the rise. Cybercrimes take advantage of available user credentials and weaknesses to gain access to networks. To combat this, utilize Multi-Factor Authentication or other identity protections. By using more than a simple username and password, organizations keep devices and programs more secure, and organizations can triple-check who is accessing what.

Sophisticated AI Malware

Artificial intelligence is increasingly popular, and as consumers, we use it frequently in everyday life. Unfortunately, so do cybercriminals. Sophisticated AI malware can often bypass basic security protocols. Managed Detection and Response can help proactively detect and combat threats.

Insider Threats

Human error continues to be the main cause of most data breaches. Whether purposeful or accidental, employees can abuse a company’s assets and data, which can cost a company millions of dollars. Security awareness training shows team members how to protect and secure their devices and data and avoid popular cyber scams. In low-compliance environments, the estimated human error costs a company $2.3 million.

IoT Vulnerabilities

Another cybersecurity trend is bad actors taking advantage of vulnerabilities within Internet of Things (IoT). With increasingly interconnected devices and applications, the IoT is a key component of many industries, from consumer technology to manufacturing. As more IoT devices connect to the internet, cybercriminals use the popularity of IoT to attack and gain access to data stored on those devices. Bad actors are taking advantage of IoT vulnerabilities, which makes this another cybersecurity trend to watch out for.

Ransomware Attacks

No cybersecurity trends list is complete without mentioning ransomware. Ransomware, the act of holding data and assets hostage in exchange for money, is one of the most popular and damaging cybercrimes. Not only does it put data at risk, but it also costs companies an average of $1.4 million per year, which puts your organization’s reputation and clients’ trust at risk too.

As cybercrime becomes increasingly popular and hackers grow more sophisticated, proactive, advanced cybersecurity should be top of mind for IT leaders. Do you know how vulnerable your organization is to these growing threats? Take advantage of our free cybersecurity risk calculator to understand how much risk you have.

Not as secure as you thought you were or just want to learn more? Contact TPx to see how we can help protect your organization against emerging cybersecurity threats.

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