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Managed Security Awareness Training

Empower your employees to be part of your security solution with TPx’s Managed Security Awareness Training program.
Security Awareness Training

Why Do Your Employees Need Security Awareness Training?

Research suggests that 90% of successful breaches are caused by human error. With the right security awareness training program, you can prevent the loss of PII, IP, money or your company’s brand reputation. Let the experts at TPx help your employees protect themselves against cyber threats. Watch this preview of our security awareness training program.

Want to implement a security training program for your business?

Download our Security Awareness Training datasheet for more information on how we can help with continuous security training and simulated phishing tests.

Why Should You Implement Security Awareness Training?

Expand awareness to
reduce threats

Proactive training that helps your users learn how to recognize and avoid cyberattacks can significantly reduce the threat.

Reduce costs
and liabilities

Cyberattacks are expensive. A recent IBM study showed an average cost per data breach of $3.86 million.

Minimize successful
phishing attacks

Phishing is the number one attack-method used by cybercriminals. Our program can reduce phishing email click rates by 75%.

Empower Your Employees to be Part of the Solution
Instead of Part of the Problem

Instances of Cybercrime are Exploding!

Since COVID-19, the US FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes.

Human Error is the Number One Cause of Data Breaches

90% of data breaches are caused by human error.

Security Awareness Training is Proven Effective

77% of U.S. companies report that employee training has reduced cyberattack incidents.

Phishing is the Number One Attack-method Used by Cybercriminals.

The right Security Awareness Training program can reduce phishing email click rates by 75%.

Ready to learn more about all of our great security awareness training materials and how TPx can help?

Why TPx's Managed Security Awareness Training?

We offer a fully-managed program that follows industry best practices and uses industry leading training content.

  • We handle all setup and support to reduce management cost
  • Content in the program follows NIST guidelines to ensure the right topics are being taught
  • Short training is delivered at regular intervals to improve retention and ultimately change behavior
  • Engaging and relevant content to keep users interested and focused on learning
  • Provide a cost-effective solution with a strong ROI

What is Included with TPx's Managed Security Awareness Training ?

Phishing simulations

Phishing Simulations

  • Randomized phishing simulation emails sent to all enrolled users on a regular basis 
  • Phished users are automatically directed to customized training content 
  • Weekly tracking reports delivered via email
Awareness training

Awareness Training

  • Monthly training courses sent automatically to each user and online dashboard to access courses 
  • Many courses available in multiple languages, user selected 
  • Weekly tracking reports delivered via email

Frequently Asked Questions

Security awareness training, like the one we offer, helps everyone understand the role they play in helping to combat information security breaches. When done effectively, security awareness training helps employees understand proper cyber hygiene, the security risks associated with their actions and ways to identify cyberattacks they may encounter via email and the web.

The program is built and managed by TPx  and includes: 

  • Phishing emails randomized for content and timing
  • Phished users are immediately directed to point-of-click training
  • Monthly training follows NIST guidelines for content
  • Easily consumable by users – invites, reminders, user dashboard, multiple languages
  • Trackable and measurable – course assessments, weekly management reports

The TPx Security Awareness Training program consists of monthly online courses covering a range of topics from general security awareness to best practices and regulatory compliance. Our Security Awareness Training program follows the NIST guidelines outlined in NIST Special Publication 800-50, which recommends that security awareness and training cover the following nine topics:

  • Phishing
  • Password security
  • Safe web browsing
  • Social engineering
  • Malware
  • Mobile security
  • Physical security
  • Removable media
  • Working remotely
  • Additional Training courses will be assigned based on customer specific needs to strengthen regulatory compliance (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, etc.) or to enforce company policy.

Once they have completed their course, the employee will receive a congratulations email and will be able to download and print a certificate of completion to mark their achievement.

If you are like many SMB’s, you are lacking in-house IT resources or in need of additional capabilities. This is where TPx’s Security Advisory Services fits in – helping your business gain the insights you need to protect your data, manage risks and focus on your business.

Estimates vary, but if done in-house, the initial development of a training program, plan, and associated content can take anywhere between 1-2 months, assuming you have the expertise on-staff. There is the additional effort to keep the materials fresh and up-to-date, deliver training regularly, and to perform the tracking and record-keeping necessary to measure the efficiency of the program. That can easily take another 10-20 hours/month.

In order to be effective, security awareness training needs to be continual. Continual training reinforces the proper behaviors and improves retention of the material. TPx recommends short, targeted training every month as the best way to ensure your staff learns, retains, and follows proper security hygiene.