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Managed Security Awareness Training

Empower your employees to be part of your security solution

What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

Security Awareness Training equips your employees with the knowledge to recognize and combat cybersecurity threats effectively. As businesses face increasing risks from cyber attacks — with human error accounting for 90% of successful breaches* — proactive training is crucial to decrease your risk and to maintain compliance. With Managed Security Awareness Training, your internal team does not need to worry about setup and configuration, ongoing maintenance, and reporting — TPx does that all for you.

The Benefits

  • Reduced Risk of Cyber Threats: The majority of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. Training educates employees on how to recognize and avoid common cyber threats such as phishing and unsafe web practices, significantly reducing the likelihood of inadvertent breaches.
  • Cost Efficiency: The cost of recovering from a security breach can be substantial, including remediation efforts, downtime, and lost reputation. Investing in proactive awareness training can be far less expensive than the cost associated with addressing the aftermath of a breach.
  • Improved Compliance: Many industries are governed by regulations that mandate certain levels of cybersecurity awareness and practices. Regular training helps organizations comply with these regulations and avoid potential legal and financial penalties.
  • Support for Remote and Hybrid Work Models: As remote and hybrid work become more prevalent, employees are increasingly accessing corporate networks from various locations and devices, potentially increasing security risks. Security Awareness Training addresses these new challenges, educating employees on how to secure their home networks and recognize threats in a non-office environment.

How It Works

TPx’s Managed Security Awareness Training offers a structured, engaging learning experience through:

  • Phishing Simulations: Enrolled learners receive phishing simulation emails each month. Email templates and delivery times are randomized to improve effectiveness.
  • Scheduled Training Courses: Each month, existing learners are automatically enrolled and invited via email to participate in that month’s class. Monthly classes are online and self-paced. Courses follow the NIST curriculum guidelines.
  • Automated Reporting: Weekly reports are provided to help you track your progress toward meeting your security goals.
managed security awareness training samples

"The security awareness training that TPx has been providing has been very helpful. Having a syllabus we can roll out and administer every month is key. What we’ve liked about the training courses and videos is that they are not terribly time-intensive. They take a few minutes to complete, cover essential topics, and keep cybersecurity and cybersecurity-related themes in our staff’s minds. It’s not always about all the material because most of them have heard this information to one extent or another. But it’s reminding them that threats are ever present."

Ashley Brody, Chief Executive Officer, Search for Change

Why TPx?

  • Best-in-Class, Up-to-Date Content: TPx delivers engaging training content that meets the stringent guidelines of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Designed by experts and consistently updated based on the latest trends, methodologies, and compliance requirements, you can maximize your training program’s success.
  • Customizable Program: TPx collaborates with you to customize training that aligns with your team’s specific practices, challenges, and requirements.
  • Fully Managed Service: From setup to ongoing management, TPx handles everything, allowing you to focus on running your business. Users receive training materials automatically, and you get weekly reports to track progress toward reaching your security goals. 
  • Proven Success: Our program is designed based on methodologies that have been rigorously tested and proven in diverse industry environments. With TPx, you’re not just training your workforce — you’re investing in a proven strategy that significantly fortifies your organization against cyber threats.

"The right Security Awareness Training program can reduce phishing email click rates by 75%."

Infosec Institute

What to Expect

Self-managed training demands significant time and effort from internal teams, which could be redirected toward other strategic initiatives. With Managed Security Awareness Training, your IT and cybersecurity staff can focus on more critical tasks rather than the administrative burdens of running a training program.

Upon enrollment, your organization will benefit from:

  1. Onboarding: TPx’s professional onboarding process allows you to quickly achieve value for your investment.
  2. Configuration: TPx configures the learning platform, adds your learners, sets up all campaigns, schedules reports, and manages the entire implementation project.
  3. Ongoing Support: Once the service is launched, our support team is available 24/7/365 to address your questions.
  4. Phishing Simulations: Three random phishing templates will be sent automatically to every enrolled learner every month. Delivery is randomized. Learner activity, such as clicking a link or entering data in a form, is tracked for status reporting, and if phished, learners are directed to a landing page with a brief point-in-time training message to reinforce correct behavior.
  5. Training Courses: Monthly training classes cover specific NIST-recommended topics and are designed to be engaging and informative. The typical course length is less than five minutes to encourage participation, and learners receive email reminders to complete courses. Additional customer-specific courses can also be selected from TPx’s predefined list to cover training on content such as regulatory compliance. Gamification, interactive quizzes, and real-world scenarios enhance memory retention and surpass the generic one-size-fits-all method by catering to diverse individual learning preferences.
  6. Reporting: With detailed reports provided weekly, you can track the progress and effectiveness of your security awareness training program.