Learn how connectivity and security transforms business in a cloud-based world.

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Multisite Integration

The TPx team helps businesses connect and get more work done everyday. Our portfolio of connectivity solutions help ensure that your business has the internet access and network solutions in place to drive productivity.

TPx’s managed services are ideal for bringing multiple locations together.

Your offices can be seamlessly connected on a single Unified Communications system with our UCx service. Free site-to-site calling (with extension dialing between offices), instant messaging, file transfer, and desktop sharing features eliminate the expense of business travel and long-distance calling.  Also, one receptionist or auto-attendant can handle inbound calls for all sites.

Additionally, TPx’s Private Networking and SD-WAN networks let you combine the data, Internet, voice, video, and UC traffic from multiple sites onto a single network. By allowing the convergence of all traffic onto a single network, MPLS VPN eliminates the need to maintain separate networks for voice and data.

Expand your networking options with the MSx for WAN hybrid private network by adding to or replacing expensive T1s with a low-cost, high-bandwidth Internet connection on your existing TPx MPLS network. Feel confident in your network with secure MPLS connectivity encrypted with VPN access to our MPLS network, and Cloud VPN with dynamic edge-to edge communication via IPSec VPN connectivity.

Not sure what the right solution is for your business? Don’t worry – TPx will help you navigate the
different options available to find the solution that fits your company’s goals and budget. With our “mix and match” approach, we’ll seek to understand what you’re currently doing and explore your long-term business plans, so we can provide you with a solution that’s specifically designed for you.