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Hospitality Company Improves Network & Telecom Services Operation

An international hotel brand partners with CBRE and TPx to advise on telecommunications and network services.

The Challenge

After completing multiple acquisitions, the international hotel brand required a better understanding of their existing telecom agreements and guidance on how to cost-effectively upgrade network infrastructure across the enterprise.

With more than 275 locations in its expanding portfolio, the company also needed assistance consolidating internet, telephone, and television services to improve operational efficiencies and reduce expenses.

The Opportunity

When an internationally recognized hospitality company was looking to streamline their network and telecom operations, they enlisted the help of CBRE’s Network Advisory Services in partnership with TPx. With the help of network advisory services, the hotel brand was able to get sound advice and strategy for their telecommunications and network services across their 275-hotel portfolio.

The Solution

Implement SD-WAN solution across the hotel portfolio footprint and streamline telecommunications.

Results + Benefits

Increased operational efficiency at a lower cost. 38% reduction in annual network infrastructure spend. 500% increase in bandwidth.

An international hospitality company with a 275-hotel portfolio.

TPx International hotel SD-WAN case study

Success by the Numbers

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Combined total annual savings

0 %

Increase in bandwidth resulting from organization wide upgrade to SD-WAN network

0 %

Reduction in monthly voice expenses

The Solution

CBRE’s Network Advisory Services team was engaged to perform a Network / IT Needs Assessment, Baseline Audit and devise a plan to optimize the organization’s network infrastructure moving forward. The initial assessment revealed that the company was utilizing MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network infrastructure that was both underpowered from a bandwidth perspective and more expensive than newer technologies available on the market.

CBRE worked to create a detailed request for proposal (RFP) structured around the client’s specific criteria and geographic requirements, which ultimately helped the hospitality organization identify the most economically competitive approach.

To improve the end-user experience and consolidate vendors across the portfolio, the Network Advisory Services team recommended the company upgrade to TPx’s SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology. With the proposed SD-WAN technology, the hotel brand could benefit from guaranteed performance delivered over the cloud that creates seamless enterprise connectedness.

The Results

The international hospitality company implemented TPx’s SD-WAN technology and streamlined their telecommunications across their global footprint. By partnering with CBRE and TPx, the global hotel brand benefited from: n Increased operational efficiency at a lower cost.

  • Combined total annual savings of more than $300,000
  • Implementation of 160+ High Availability SD-WAN devices nationwide in less than 45 days
  • 500% increase in bandwidth resulting from organization wide upgrade to SD-WAN network
  • Upgraded 40 internet circuits to improve bandwidth while reducing monthly expenses
  • Consolidation of voice vendors for approx. 25% reduction in monthly voice expenses
  • POTs line aggregation resulting in $72,000 in annual savings

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