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With the Call Center Client, agents can monitor the phone state of up to 50 selected supervisors. This is useful when you are escalating a call and want to find a supervisor who is available to take a call quickly.

You use the Supervisors panel in the Contacts pane to select and view monitored supervisors. Supervisors who are not monitored have their state set to Unknown.


Select Supervisors to Monitor

The list of selected supervisors is part of your workspace, so it’s saved when you sign out and restored on subsequent logins.

To select the supervisors to monitor:

  1. In the Supervisors panel, click Edit edit. The Supervisor Favorites dialog box appears.
  2. Check the box next to each supervisor to monitor and click Save.


Supervisor Phone States

This table lists the possible phone states for a supervisor’s phone line:

Icon Phone State Description
receptionist-contact-state-available Idle Supervisor is not on a call (phone is on-hook).
receptionist-contact-state-busy Busy Supervisor is on a call (phone is off-hook).
receptionist-contact-state-away Ringing A call is being delivered to the supervisor (phone is in alerting state).
receptionist-contact-state-dnd Do Not Disturb Supervisor has enabled the Do Not Disturb service.
receptionist-contact-state-private Private Supervisor has enabled phone state privacy.NOTE: This terminates monitoring of the supervisor’s phone state for the current session. To monitor their phone state again, you must sign out and then sign in after the supervisor has disabled privacy.
receptionist-contact-state-cfa Call Forwarding Always Supervisor has enabled the Call Forwarding Always service.
Call-Center-Status-Unknown Unknown Supervisor is currently not monitored.

NOTE: If a supervisor is in a conference call and all other parties hang up, the supervisor’s status may show as Idle even if their phone is still off-hook.


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