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Generate Reports

Call Center provides reporting functions to agents and supervisors. Agents can only generate reports about their own activity. Supervisors have access to reports on the activity and performance of agents and call centers under their supervision.
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Manage and Monitor Call Center Agents

Call center supervisors use the Agents panel of the Call Center Client to view the agents they are supervising and to perform actions on them. Supervisors can also monitor the call and the ACD state of selected agents, and make agents join or leave queues.
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Change Agent ACD State

Monitored agents have their phone and ACD state displayed. An icon to the left of the agent’s name indicates the agent’s ability to take calls based on their combined phone and ACD state. In addition, the agent’s ACD state is also displayed in text following their name. If the agent’s ACD state is set to “Unavailable,” the unavailable code is also displayed (if applicable).Other agents have their state set to “Unknown”.
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Agent Skill Levels

Agent skill levels are used to rate the ability of an agent to handle calls in call centers with skill-based routing.
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Call Center Agents – Monitor Call Centers

With the Call Center Client, agents can get real-time information about monitored queues. The Dashboard pane lists the monitored call centers and provides key indicators for each.
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Call Center Agents – Monitor Supervisors

With the Call Center Client, agents can monitor the phone state of up to 50 selected supervisors. This is useful when you are escalating a call and want to find a supervisor who is available to take a call quickly.
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