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Change Agent ACD State

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Monitored agents have their phone and ACD state displayed. An icon to the left of the agent’s name indicates the agent’s ability to take calls based on their combined phone and ACD state. In addition, the agent’s ACD state is also displayed in text following their name. If the agent’s ACD state is set to “Unavailable,” the unavailable code is also displayed (if applicable).Other agents have their state set to “Unknown”.


The possible agent’s phone and ACD states are as folalows:
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Phone State ACD State Icon Description
Idle Available Available Agent’s phone is on-hook and the agent is available to take ACD calls.
Ringing Available Available-Yellow Agent’s phone is ringing and the agent is available to take the call.
Any Unavailable, Sign-In, Sign-Out Unavailable Agent is not available to take ACD calls.
Idle, Ringing Wrap-Up receptionist-contact-state-ringing Agent is performing post call work. They may or may not be available to take calls.
Busy Available, Wrap-Up Unavailable Agent’s phone is off-hook, which means that the agent is on a call.Calls may be delivered to agents depending on their call waiting settings and the call center’s call waiting and wrap-up settings.
Do Not Disturb Any DND Agent has enabled the Do Not Disturb service.ACD calls are not delivered to agent in the Do Not Disturb call state.This state is not recommended for Call Center agents. Agents should use the Unavailable ACD state when they need to block new incoming calls temporarily.
Call Forwarding Always Any Call-Forward-Always Agent has enabled the Call Forwarding Always service.
Private Any Private Agent has enabled phone state privacy.NOTE: This terminates monitoring of the agent’s phone state for the current login session. To be able to monitor their phone state again, you must sign out and then sign in after the agent has disabled their phone state privacy.
Unknown Any Unknown Agent is currently not monitored.

Clicking an agent expands the entry to show all queues the agent is assigned to and all the agent’s current calls, in order of arrival.

For each call, the following information is displayed:

  • Call number
  • Calling name (if available) and calling number (and for direct calls, extension). Example: “Joe Smith +12403645125”
  • Call length displayed as “MM:SS,” or “HH:MM:SS” if the call lasts longer than an hour. Example: “10:22”

For each queue, the following information is displayed:

  • Call Center ID
  • Whether the agent has joined the queue
  • The agent’s skill level in that queue, if applicable

Change Agent ACD State

You can force an ACD state change for an agent. This action can only be performed on monitored agents.

To change an agent’s ACD state:

  1. In the Agents panel, click the agent and then click ACD.

  1. From the drop-down list, select the new state.
  2. If you selected Unavailable, you may have to select the reason for their unavailability.

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