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Call Center Settings – Services Tab

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You use the Services tab of the Call Center Settings page to configure various services which are integrated with Call Center. These settings are only available if your administrator has assigned such services to you.

These services are grouped into two categories: Active and Inactive.


The services that you can configure (if you have been assigned the services) are:

  • Do Not Disturb – When you activate this service, you are not available to take calls. All of your calls are automatically sent to your voice mail.
  • Call Forwarding Always – When you activate this service, all of your calls are forwarded to the number you specify.

To activate a service:

  1. Select the service and check the Active box. The service is moved from the Inactive to Active category.
  2. If you enabled the Call Forwarding Always service: in the Forward To box that appears, enter the number to forward your calls to.
  3. To generate a ring splash for incoming calls, check the Ring Splash
  4. To save your changes, click Save.

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