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MSx Datacenters Product Description

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The MSx Datacenters Service provides a physical facility that offers space with the proper power, cooling and security to host businesses’ computing hardware and servers.  This capacity includes anything from cabinets to cages.  TPx’s datacenters are protected with multiple layers of redundancy delivering a high-performance tier that ensures mission critical demands.  All critical infrastructure — power access, cooling, and data paths — is redundant, operating in a parallel and protected configuration.  This service helps companies save on infrastructure costs while maximizing their uptime.

Solution Benefits

MSx Datacenters delivers significant benefits to organizations of all sizes and in all industries.  By combining leading support, management, and technologies, with expert resources available 24x7x365, our customers can:

Meet Regulatory Compliance – Colocating your IT systems in a TPx datacenter, particularly an SSAE 18 facility, can help your company achieve compliance with Sarbanes/Oxley, HIPAA, FED banking regulations, Payment Card Industry and other stringent standards.

Facility Redundancy- Protect your network availability according to leading industry standards.  TPx’s datacenters are protected with multiple layers of redundancy delivering a high-performance tier that ensures mission critical demands.  All critical infrastructure — power, access, cooling, and data paths — is redundant, operating in parallel, protected configuration.

Maximize Speed and Uptime – A high-performance network helps ensure everyday operations run with better speed and efficiency while a network slowdown or outage can stop a business in its tracks.  Always keep your business-critical applications accessible.  TPx has physically redundant fiber optic network paths from multiple network carriers terminating at our datacenters, which guarantee a minimum of 99.999% network availability

SSAE 18 Accountability – External auditing provides verifiable peace of mind.  TPx’s SSAE 18 datacenter designation means our controls, organization structure, administrative processes, environmental security, system backups and system operations have been successfully audited.  We undergo annual audits by an independent, nationally recognized firm to assure customer systems and data are protected.

Save on Infrastructure – Third party local-loop access is expensive, offers limited capacity, lacks physical diversity, and offers limited scalability.  Our datacenters and carrier-grade facilities offer scalable bandwidth solutions that provide increased connectivity at a manageable price point.

Get Remote Assistance – TPx’s Remote Hands service gives you the peace of mind you need when you’ve colocated your critical data operations. One call or email to our support center gets you connected with a highly skilled technician who will call you, walk over to your equipment and perform these regularly needed tasks:

  • Visual confirmations
  • Reboots
  • Basic command programing
  • Modular media swaps
  • Rack-and-stack
  • Establish remote desktop connections, e.g. WebEx/remote access session establishment

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Active video surveillance monitoring system
  • Full HVAC and humidity environmental control
  • VESDA monitored pre-action fire suppression
  • Partial and full cabinets and cages
  • Customer workspace available

Available Options and Features

Basic Available options

  • Space           Full cabinet – Half Cabinet – 1/3 cabinet (select locations only), and cages
  • Power          120V/20Amp, 120V/30Amp, 208V/20Amp, 208V/30Amp, special power options available
  • Bandwidth    3M up to 1Gig, +1Gig available upon request, third party cross connects

24x7x365 Access – TPx provides its customers with access badges that enable them to have 24×7 access to their datacenter equipment.  TPx’s Facilities Department manages the access badge distribution and activation.  Keys will be given for each cabinet or a combination lock will be provided (when applicable).

Carrier Preference versus Neutrality – Carrier Neutrality is a concept that enables colocated customers to access multiple carriers and backbone providers within a co-location facility.  While TPx will allow other service providers to deliver circuits in some of its datacenter facilities, TPx’s datacenter facilities are provided for their network customers and are meant for their customers and therefore, not considered “carrier neutral”.

Fiber Connectivity – TPx has direct fiber connectivity in each of its datacenter facilities.  Each datacenter has the TPx network available and may have another local network provider available. There are some sites that have a minimum of two service providers with fiber connectivity.  Depending upon the site, direct connections to these services providers may or may not be available.  Cross Connect Charges will apply to connect to other providers’ services.

Power – The power infrastructure and system may be different at each center location.  Each site uses standard commercial power as the primary power source with generators as back-up.  Most datacenter customers will be provided power protection as part of the standard offering.  There are some facility situations where the protected power is provided by an inverter or UPS system.  All centers are protected by back-up generators.

Indoor / Outdoor Video Surveillance – Indoor and outdoor video surveillance is used at most of the datacenter facilities.

Half & Full Cabinets – The half and full cabinets TPx provides are standard 30 inches wide and 36 inches deep.  This standard width and depth configuration should be sufficient to support most voice and data infrastructure, including routers, servers, firewalls, etc.  Additionally, the half cabinet is 42 inches high, while the full cabinet is 84 inches.  All cabinets are adjustable to 19” or 23”, lockable and Zone 4 seismically braced.   Non-standard size cabinets and/or use of customer cabinets require approval.

Cage Availability – TPx can provide datacenter cages upon special approval.

HVAC Temperature, Humidity Control Fire Suppression – Each of TPx’s datacenter facilities has HVAC temperature and humidity control equipment and individual monitoring and alarming devices.  Additionally, to protect against fire, each site also has an FM-200 Fire Suppression System, which automatically monitors and addresses smoke, flame and heat.   Further, all alarms generated by the fire suppression system are immediately communicated to building management as well as TPx’s Network Operations Center (NOC).

Data Network –TPx’s network is a fully meshed architecture with a minimum of two optical (OC3 and above) connections from each POP (to two other POPs).  TPx connects directly to a Tier 1 IP network in most markets and centers at a minimum of an OC3, with one or more Tier 1 backbone Gig-E IP connections in both Northern and Southern California.  Utilizing BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) in conjunction with the robust infrastructure and IP peering points, TPx provides high-performing and high-availability data networking services.

Cross Connects – For customers requiring connectivity to or from another service provider, TPx does provide cross-connections for a fee.

MSx Datacenters Network Operations Center (NOC) – TPx’s NOC manages the video surveillance, monitors the HVAC and responds to any alerts that may arise.  They are the 7 x 24 x 365 centralized center that maintains the security of the centers, monitors the environmental condition and technical staffing of these centers as well as the TPx core network and fiber infrastructure.

Remote Hands – A Datacenters value added service that provides customers assistance with their collocated equipment to avoid having to dispatch one of their own employees, vendors or agents to administer. TPx’s Remote Hands service provides customers with the following:

  • Visual inspection, onsite verification and local ‘eyes and hands’
  • Viewing of monitors and screen data on customer’s equipment or devices
  • Power, rebooting or cycling customer equipment (router, server, switch, etc.)
  • Completing, verifying and/or securing basic connections
  • Providing status of customer equipment
  • Restarting customer equipment & application hardware (customer must provide a complete set of instructions walking the technician through the applicable steps).
  • Remote hands is ‘physical layer’ assistance, not logical layer configuration assistance. It is only done upon instruction and request of the customer.

TPx provides Remote Hands during normal business hours.  To initiate the request, customers are to:

  • Email Datacenter Operations Team: [email protected]
  • 24-hour Hotline: 855.299.8722
    • Sacramento: Option 1
    • Santa Ana: Option 2
    • All Other Datacenters: Option 3

One remote hands incident (maximum 2 hours) per month is included in the basic service.

Tracking:  When accessing a customer’s cage and/or cabinet to provide Remote Hands services, the TPx technician will log their entry and departure times and this information can then be provided to the customer (upon request) to enable the customer to properly log who has accessed their space, at what time and date and how long they were there.

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