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MSx Networks Product Description

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Solution Summary

The MSx Networks Service will provide installation, configuration and 24×7 management of a customer’s network-based equipment.  The service combines human expertise with today’s most powerful technology to create a better and more secure user experience across the entire network. TPx can complement your team and deliver an end-to-end management of your network infrastructure, giving you peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a reliable, high-performing, modern network backed 24/7 by the experts at TPx.

Successful companies need reliable and powerful networks that boost business performance and provide essential security for the entire organization. However, many businesses struggle with network management and security due to lack of time, resources, expertise, and training. Outdated or misconfigured network components can cause bottlenecking as well as costly downtime and open up vulnerabilities for hackers.

Solution Benefits

MSx Managed Networks delivers significant benefits to organizations of all sizes and in all industries.    By combining leading support, management, and technologies, with expert resources available 24x7x365, our customers can:

Increase Security and Compliance – Our security experts provide a properly designed and configured edge device/firewall, allowing you to take advantage of technology that makes your business less prone to cyber-attacks. TPx can help you with your compliance needs as well.  Our MSx Security Council meets continually to discuss how to best protect our customers and respond to any potential new threats. New code is evaluated, and configurations are reviewed before they are implemented. This brain trust then integrates its findings into the service making it proactive rather than reactive.

Increased Performance and Productivity – A high-performance network helps ensure everyday operations run with better speed and efficiency. Greater network uptime with prioritized traffic and reduced IT costs means employees are more productive and can spend more time on strategic business goals.

Provide Peace of mind and always-on — 24/7/36 – A network slowdown or outage can stop a business in its tracks. TPx monitors your network 24×7 to make sure it is running properly and troubleshoots and resolves issues quickly, even overnight.

Reduce IT Costs – Many customers struggle with limited budgets, a lack of support technology, and staffing challenges.  This often results in poor service delivery and inflated costs because they lack the support tools to help them manage and support systems and users efficiently, or don’t have enough staff to handle the workload.  Many large enterprises have dedicated security teams and systems in place to help them. These teams and systems are expensive, putting them out of reach for most small and mid-sized businesses.  TPx’s highly-qualified team becomes, in effect, your team — and at a price you can afford.  We invest in technology and support personnel to meet the needs of our customers and as those needs change and grow, we can change and grow with them.  TPx augments your existing IT staff for a fraction of the cost and frees them up to focus on revenue-generating projects instead.

Simplify Management and Billing – All of your IT issues and billing across multiple sites, multiple ISPs and multiple devices is handled with a single phone call or email and a single bill. Replace that costly legacy MPLS network with secure networking devices managed by TPx.

Expert Network Specialists – Finding and hiring a staff of trained and certified network specialists is a challenge for businesses. Because of this, IT staff is often asked to perform a variety of functions from desktop support to network security, which doesn’t allow them to focus on any one area. Our Managed Service team is made up of experts in all areas that we support so we can provide the in-depth attention your network requires.

Provide Multiple Service Levels – You choose the level of support that fits your needs. You can leverage full Optimum support where we handle everything or Core support where TPx configures, deploys, and licenses the solution and you manage it and call us if you need help.

Available Service Levels

MSx Managed Networks is available in two different service levels to meet a variety of customer use cases.

CORE – Customer Administrative Responsibility  –  Once provisioned and deployed by TPx, the customer is provided Read/Write Access to the management portal to make changes to configurations, view status and manage the device. In the event the customer requires assistance with making changes or troubleshooting, the customer may submit a trouble ticket and be billed for the work.

OPTIMUM – TPx Administrative Responsibility – Customers will receive Read access to the management portal to give them visibility into their network performance and activity.  Customers may submit a ticket via Dash or call support to request any equipment changes and troubleshooting at no cost. ​ Read/Write access may be requested by the customer and provided at the sole discretion of TPx and may be removed at any time.

In addition, both service levels are available in high availability when applicable.  The service can be provided on new hardware or TPx can manage existing hardware.

All service is delivered by TPx’s U.S.-based support personnel and, should a problem arise, our MSx support team is immediately notified and will begin working to address the issue.  With MSx Networks service, customers can contact MSx support personnel directly 24×7 to request service.

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