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Integrated IM&P

Use the Integrated IM&P page of the UCx Web Portal to see whether your Integrated Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P) service is enabled. When the service is enabled, you can view your IM&P ID on your Profile page.
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Voice Portal

The Voice Portal page of the UCx Web Portal allows you to set a personalized name (upload a WAV file to use as your name for Auto Attendant and Voice Messaging) and set the voice portal auto-login option. When a call is connected to your extension by the Auto Attendant or to Voice Messaging, your name is announced to the caller. You can also record or delete your personalized name with your phone through the voice portal.
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Voice Management and Setting up Voicemail to Email

Voice Management allows you to specify how to handle your voice messages. Use Unified Messaging if you want to use your phone to retrieve voice messages. You can also just choose to send the message to your e-mail and not use the phone for voice messaging.
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Message Greetings

Message Greetings allow you to personalize the greetings that callers hear or see when you do not answer the call. You can also configure a different greeting for when you are away for an extended period of time (such as when you are on vacation). Your greeting can be a generic system recording or a personalized recording.
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Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists allow you to create lists of numbers to send voice messages in bulk. These distribution lists are used in your voice portal when composing a new message and when replying to or forwarding existing messages.
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Messaging Aliases

Messaging Aliases are pre-defined phone numbers which enable you to directly access your voice messaging box. In other words, the voice messaging system recognizes these numbers as if you were calling in from your office phone.
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