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Log In to the Call Center Client

The Call Center client is a hosted (web-based) application, launched directly from a web browser. You can access the client in two ways:
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Enable or Disable Services in Call Center Client

You can enable or disable Call Waiting, Call Forwarding Always, and Do Not Disturb directly from the Call Center client, provided that your administrator has assigned these services to you.
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Change Your ACD State

When you sign in to the Call Center client, your ACD (automatic call distribution) state is set to the post sign-in ACD state set on the Settings page.
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Sign Out of Call Center

To sign out of the Call Center client, click the Sign Out link in the top right corner of the window.
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Tour of the Call Center Client

The Call Center user interface contains several main work areas. The work areas you see may vary depending on your configuration and whether you're an agent or a supervisor. The functions listed in the table below apply to both agents and supervisors, except where noted.
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