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The TPx Team

TPx is the managed services provider that understands the importance of delivering solutions that go beyond technical brilliance (which we certainly have). Relationships also matter. Customer support has been hard-wired into our DNA since day one. With our highly experienced support teams, we offer one-stop-shopping that takes care of the planning, implementation, management, updating, and ongoing support of all the mission-critical services your business depends on.
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Strategic Planning and Order Confirmation

A successful customer experience begins with successful plan. It starts with a detailed discovery and solution plan with your sales rep and Solutions Architect. It’s critical that TPx and you are confident we’ve identified the right solution with the right quantities for your business. Then, and only then, we’ll move forward with the order and the project.
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Dash Overview

Dash provides you the visibility and control to help make running your business easier. Update many aspects of your account. View billing data, contacts, projects, assets, services, graphs, service tickets, and more.
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Technical Onboarding and Installation

Thank you for moving forward to the next step in the design of your custom technology solutions with TPx. TPx solutions integrate and optimize the best-in-class, cloud-based technologies and business applications. TPx is committed to delivering meaningful value to our customers through a consistent, high-quality, unified user experience across multiple devices, platforms, operating systems, and services.
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Post Installation

After installation, the Post-Sales Provisioning and Repair teams will be your contacts for Customer Support. During the life of your contract, these teams will facilitate any changes or support needed for your services.   Billing and general issues are supported by the Customer Care Team.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Search here for frequently asked questions about what we do, services, product portals, billing and more.
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