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Poly Rove DECT IP Phones

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About Your Bill

The following information breakouts will help you understand your TPx bill. For additional questions, please call Customer Care at 877-487-8722. And thanks again for choosing TPx.
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TPx Customer Portal Guide

Download the TPx Customer Portal Guide and learn how to create, track, and manage support cases, request service changes, chat with TPx teams, and more. Register with the TPx Customer Portal here
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The TPx Team

TPx is the managed services provider that understands the importance of delivering solutions that go beyond technical brilliance (which we certainly have). Relationships also matter. Customer support has been hard-wired into our DNA since day one. With our highly experienced support teams, we offer one-stop-shopping that takes care of the planning, implementation, management, updating, and ongoing support of all the mission-critical services your business depends on.
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Strategic Planning and Order Confirmation

A successful customer experience begins with successful plan. It starts with a detailed discovery and solution plan with your sales rep and Solutions Architect. It’s critical that TPx and you are confident we’ve identified the right solution with the right quantities for your business. Then, and only then, we’ll move forward with the order and the project.
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Technical Onboarding and Installation

Thank you for moving forward to the next step in the design of your custom technology solutions with TPx. TPx solutions integrate and optimize the best-in-class, cloud-based technologies and business applications. TPx is committed to delivering meaningful value to our customers through a consistent, high-quality, unified user experience across multiple devices, platforms, operating systems, and services.
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Customer Provided Device Policy

TPx always recommends that you either purchase or rent devices directly from us. This ensures that your devices will function correctly with TPx’s services and allows TPx to fully support you with thoroughly tested configuration files and stable firmware.
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Why Does My Number Show ‘SPAM Likely’ to the People I Call?

Over the past few years regulators and major carriers have set forth new rules that require all phone companies to implement caller ID authentication. This coordinated effort protects consumers and helps reduce the occurrence of robocalling, illegal calls and unwanted calls. However, it also results in spam flagging. However, if your business telephone number is being flagged as spam on the called party’s caller ID there is something you can do.
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