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Thank you for moving forward to the next step in the design of your custom technology solutions with TPx. TPx solutions integrate and optimize the best-in-class, cloud-based technologies and business applications. TPx is committed to delivering meaningful value to our customers through a consistent, high-quality, unified user experience across multiple devices, platforms, operating systems, and services.

This section is designed to guide you through the implementation phases. This ­­guide includes all the details you need to get your orders started the right way! Included are expected timelines and requirements to provide a reliable statement of work that can be used as a guide to move this process forward. Welcome to the TPx family – we hope you will enjoy your new customized technology solution.

TPx typically uses a “first-in-first-out” process to complete your order. The sooner the proper paperwork is completed, the sooner the potential for completion. The average implementation will typically fall between 30-60 days. This clock typically starts when you, the customer, provide all requested information to configure your order. We offer many products and installation times may vary from 30 to 180 days. Please see the specific Statement of Work for each product to understand more. We will always try to install your services as they become available.

Your help during this process is critical. At TPx, we understand that the technology needs of every business are complex and unique, and as such, they have to be customized per client’s specific requirements. We will need to get the appropriate information from you to ensure a great customer experience. Many of our competitors try to rush the installation – they don’t gather the correct information or take the time to consult with the clients properly, which results in a poor customer experience. We are dedicated to getting your project right the first time. We put in the hard work up front, so your experience during the installation is as stress-free as possible. This booklet serves as a guide for the planning and implementation process and also answers many common questions about how your TPx solution will be installed. We look forward to working with you and helping your business become even more productive and efficient.

The customer will provide the following in the process of service installation:

  • Provide reasonable premises access for TPx and vendors
  • Provide adequate power, security, and environment controls for TPx provided equipment.
  • In some instances, provide unobstructed access to wall-mounted Ethernet jacks and computer equipment.  Ethernet jacks, computer equipment, and desired telephone placement locations must be in close physical proximity.  Additional/longer Ethernet patch cables or cable infrastructure installations may result in additional charges.

TPx understands the nuances of all the technologies — new and old — that need to be seamlessly woven together when companies upgrade their communications and IT services. Every business is unique, but we have built an enviable track record designing, installing and maintaining the most complex business-critical voice, data systems and IT systems for our customers.  Every job gets an unremitting focus on transparency, deadlines and responsiveness. We don’t ever wing it. And we’ll make sure that you know exactly what to expect every step of the way.

The onboarding process sets the foundation for success between TPx and our Customers. While there’s no “typical” onboarding process, our best-practices approach is rooted in efficiency and high value effective deployment of a plan that meets our customer needs today and scales for the future.  Here’s the process we follow:

  1. Project Kick-Off
  2. Solution Design Completion
  3. Solution Configuration Completion
  4. Customer Configuration Approval
  5. Solution Build Completion
  6. TPx Dispatch/Technician Install
  7. Final Turn-Up
  8. Post-Turn Up Modifications
  9. Billing Review & Order Completion

Onboarding by Services

Each service is unique and has different onboarding requirements including information we’ll need from you, if and on-site visit is required, the size of the cloud migration, etc.  The following links are provided to help you understand the what will happen during on boarding, what TPx needs from you and about how long it will take.  Typically, access is the most complex service and adds to your service delivery interval. For new customers, If you deliver your service OTT  – meaning you bring your own bandwidth and TPx manages your circuit with MSx Managed WAN (SD-WAN) – we can have your UCx and MSx services up and running in about 40 days.  If you already have SD-WAN installed or have TPx internet access, we’ll get your voice up in about 14 days.

Managed Access

Managed Access consists of suite of connectivity solutions enabled by SD-WAN and our relationships with carrier to provide you the best solution based on your needs…whether that be technology, install interval, speed and costs. TPx has over 20 years access experience and will manage the complexities to meet your business needs.

Voice (UCx/SmartVoice) 

TPx makes your UCx and UCx SmartVoice installation quick and easy.  Because UCx is hosted in the cloud and delivered by a TPx managed Internet connection, installation is much faster than a traditional phone system.  Once your order is confirmed, and you have a TPx managed internet connection, we can get you up and running in about 14 days.  Once installed, managing your service, in users and features,  is easy through the UCx web portal.

MSx Managed IT Services

Our MSx services include Managed WAN, Firewalls, Endpoints, Backups, Office 365 and Datacenter.  When delivering our Managed IT, the beginning is a critical time. It sets you up for success, enabling consistent service and maximizing productivity. Take a closer look at how TPx performs onboarding for our Managed IT services.


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