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TPx Customer Provided Device Policy
TPx always recommends that you either purchase or rent devices directly from us. This ensures that your devices will function correctly with TPx’s services and allows TPx to fully support you with thoroughly tested configuration files and stable firmware.
We recognize, however, that you may wish to provide your own devices. For example, you may have acquired those devices from a previous provider and want to take advantage of that past investment. For those situations, we have the following levels of support and use cases for each service TPx offers including Customer Provided Devices.

Managed Devices

Prior to your service installation, you must have full access rights to your devices (including admin passwords for all devices) and provide TPx with the devices’ current firmware versions. You must also be willing to transfer management of the devices, including access rights, to TPx for the duration of their use. TPx will maintain current firmware and all configuration files. Certain products requirements and limitations may apply. See Product guide for reference. E.g., TPx can’t take over the software management in case of SD-WAN, etc.

Prohibited Devices

On the other hand, there is a list of select devices, which have either been set to “End of Life” by their manufacturer and/or shown to have adverse effects on the system. End of Support also applies to devices that are approaching their EOS, making them not eligible to meet the 3- and 5-year terms based on the products.

These devices have been moved to a prohibited status and will not be allowed to be used with TPx. Such a category is provided to ensure high quality functionality and to provide the promised service by us.

Allowed Devices

All other enabled devices that are not on the prohibited list may be used at your risk and discretion. TPx makes no guarantee that other models will work, either in part or in full. TPx will provide working credentials and you will be 100% responsible for all firmware, configuration settings, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Specific Use Cases / FAQs:

Devices with License Agreement

Any devices that are locked due to licensed agreement by other service provider or manufacturer will be included under the prohibited devices list.

Not listed devices

What if your device is not on the list?

– Technology is moving fast. So, some devices might not be listed as we haven’t tried or tested them. In that case, contingent on the age of the device, they will go through ICB review to finalize the decision.



UCx BYOD List:

Managed Devices:

Polycom VVX Series

• Polycom VVX 311 VoIP Phone
• Polycom VVX 411 VoIP Phone
• Polycom VVX 501 VoIP Phone
• Polycom VVX 601 VoIP Phone
• Polycom VVX 150 VoIP Phone
• Polycom VVX 250 VoIP Phone
• Polycom VVX 350 VoIP Phone
• Polycom VVX 450 VoIP Phone

Polycom SoundStation Series

• Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 Conference Phone
• Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 Conference Phone
• Polycom Trio 8800 IP Conference Phone
• Polycom Trio 8500 Conference Phone
• Poly VVX D230 DECT IP Phone

Poly CCX Phones

• Poly CCX 400 MS Teams Phone
• Poly CCX 500 MS Teams Phone – No Handset
• Poly CCX 500 MS Teams Phone
• Poly CCX 600 MS Teams Phone – No Handset
• Poly CCX 600 MS Teams Phone
• Poly CCX 400 OPEN SIP Phone
• Poly CCX 500 OPEN SIP Phone
• Poly CCX 600 OPEN SIP Phone
• Poly CCX 700 OPEN SIP Phone


• Algo SIP Multimedia Intercom 8036
• Algo SIP DoorPhone 8028
• Algo SIP Door Phone – Vandal Proof 8028V
• Algo SIP Ceiling Speaker 8188
• Algo SIP Paging Horn 8186
• Algo SIP Paging System 8180
• Algo 8301 Paging Adapter & Scheduler
• Algo 8373 Zone Paging Adapter
• Algo Waterproof Paging Horn 1186
• Algo SIP Interface Module 8061
• Algo Blue Strobe Light w/ Power Supply 1128B

Cisco Phones:

• Cisco MPP 8841
• Cisco MPP 8845
• Cisco MPP 8851
• Cisco MPP 8865
• Cisco 8851 KEM
• Cisco 8865 KEM

Prohibited Devices:

• Polycom SoundPoint IP (Legacy) series: IP600/601, IP500/501, IP300/301
• Polycom SoundStation IP4000

MSx and FortiGate Firewalls BYOD List:

Managed Devices:

• FortiGate 40F
• FortiGate 60F
• FortiGate 70F
• FortiGate 80F
• FortiGate 100F
• FortiGate 200F
• FortiGate 400F
• FortiGate 600F
• FortiGate 30E
• FortiGate 50E
• FortiGate 60E
• FortiGate 80E
• FortiGate 100E
• FortiGate 200E
• FortiGate 400E
• FortiGate 500E
• FortiGate 600E

Prohibited Devices:

• Fortinet D Series or older hardware

FortiGate Switches BYOD List:

Managed Devices:

• FortiGate 108E
• FortiGate 108E-FPOE
• FortiGate 124E
• FortiGate 124E-FPOE
• FortiGate 108F
• FortiGate 108F-FPOE
• FortiGate 124F
• FortiGate 124F-POE
• FortiGate 184F
• FortiGate 148F-POE

Allowed Devices:

• FortiGate 108E-POE
• FortiGate 124E-POE
• FortiGate 108F-POE
• FortiGate 124F-POE
• FortiGate 148F-POE
• FortiSwitch 224E
• FortiSwitch 224E-POE
• FortiSwitch 224E-FPOE
• FortiSwitch 248E
• FortiSwitch 248E-FPOE


FortiAP Access Points BYOD List:

Managed Devices:

• FortiAP 221E
• FortiAP 222E
• FortiAP 224E
• FortiAP 321E
• FortiAP 421E
• FortiAP S221E
• FortiAP S223E
• FortiAP E422EV
• FortiAP 234F
• FortiAP 23JF
• FortiAP 431F
• FortiAP 432F

Allowed Devices:

• FortiAP 231F
• FortiAP 433F
• FortiAP 831F
• FortiAP 223E
• FortiAP C24JE
• FortiAP U231F
• FortiAP U431F
• FortiAP U433F
• FortiAP U234F
• FortiAP U432F
• FortiAP U321EV
• FortiAP U423EV
• FortiAP U24JEV

MX Series Edge Devices BYOD List:

Managed Devices:

• MX105
• MX250
• MX450
• MX75
• MX85
• MX95
• MX64
• MX67
• MX68


MS Series Switches BYOD List:

Managed Devices:

• MS120-8
• MS120-8LP
• MS120-24
• MS210-24
• MS210-24P
• MS125-24
• MS125-24P
• MS250-24P
• MS120-48
• MS120-48FP
• MS210-48
• MS210-48FP
• MS125-48
• MS125-48FP
• MS250-48
• MS250-48FP
• MS410-16
• MS410-32
• MS225-24P
• MS225-48FP
• MS425-16
• MS425-32
• MS390-24UX
• MS390-UX2
• MS350-24
• MS350-24P
• MS350-24X
• MS350-48
• MS350-48FP

MR Series Access Points BYOD List:

Managed Devices:

• MR76
• MR86
• MR30H
• MR33
• MR36
• MR46
• MR56

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