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Strategic Planning and Order Confirmation

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A successful customer experience begins with successful plan. It starts with a detailed discovery and solution plan with your sales rep and Solutions Architect. It’s critical that TPx and you are confident we’ve identified the right solution with the right quantities for your business. Then, and only then, we’ll move forward with the order and the project.

Planning with a Solutions Architect

  • Business needs analysis
  • Infrastructure review
  • Virtual site survey
  • Pricing and quote
  • Non-Disclosure
  • Customer Desired Due Date

Quality Assurance

  • Your Contract, Designed Solution and Accompanying Paperwork will be placed through a rigorous validation stage.
  • The assigned Solution Architecture will review your designed solution to ensure your expected technical needs were met.
  • The Quality Assurance organization will validate the contract and paperwork is complete and validate Credit Approval.
  • The Quality Assurance team member will also coordinate Deposit or ACH payments with the TPx Financial division.
  • Once the Quality Check has completed, TPx will assign your personal Project Manager

Final Order Approval

  • Sign contact
  • Order entry
  • Your assigned Solutions Architect will reconfirm your solution
  • Our Quality Assurance team will ensure all the proper paperwork has been signed and attached to the order
  • You’ll be asked to reconfirm your solution plan and may be asked to sign paperwork or provide additional information if anything was missed during the sales process

Next steps:  

  1. Email with user name and password to access the TPx Dash customer portal
  2. Welcome email from TPx with next steps
  3. Welcome call with Project Manager

Estimated Timeline

Estimated timeline from contract signature to final order approval:  5-10 business days


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