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Download the TPx Customer Portal Guide or view articles below for more details.

How to Request Access to the TPx Customer Portal
Overview Page
Support Page
How to Create a Case
Managing a Case
How to Change Password
How to Reset a Forgotten Password
How to Unlock Account





To request access to the TPx Customer Portal, visit

  • Fill out the required information including name, phone number, email, account name, and service address.
  • In the Type of Request field, select “Request TPx Customer Portal Access”
  • You can submit a request on behalf of other contacts on your account by listing them in the description field

Once the request is processed, you will receive a TPx Customer Portal email which contains an activation link to activate your Portal account and set your password.


Once logged in to the TPx Customer Portal, you will land on the Overview page where you can:

  • Create a new support case
  • View a snapshot of open support cases
  • View a snapshot of recent updates made to support cases
  • Search for cases
  • Live chat with a Support agent
  • View guided tours of the Portal
  • Perform a speed test
  • View outage notifications
  • Access shortcuts to product portals and guides
  • Send us your feedback about the Portal

Note: Additional functionality will be available in upcoming releases. Please use the Send Feedback form to let us know what features you would like to see in the TPx Customer Portal!



The Support section displays open and closed cases. Access the Support page by selecting the Support icon in the left pane of the Customer Portal.
You can perform the following functions within the Support page of the TPx Customer Portal:

  • View a list of your support cases
  • Filter cases by account, location, status, and/or date
  • Download a report of open and historical cases
  • Create a new Support Case

  • Click on the case number to view additional case details
  • Sort cases by clicking on the column title
  • Filter case list by status, date updated, or location by clicking on the Filter icon
  • Download the list of cases by selecting the Download icon
  • Click on the Create Support Case icon to create a new support case

Note: The default filter for the case list displayed on the Support page is set to view ‘New’ cases only. Click on the Filters icon and select additional statuses to view more case types (Open, Resolved, Canceled, Closed).


Select “Create Support Case” on the header of any page within the Portal and complete the Case Form

The Create Support Case form will be displayed. Fields with a red asterisk are required and are also listed on the right under Required Information. As each field gets populated, the red field boxes will be removed.


Account: Click anywhere within the Account field and select the account that you’re opening the case for. If there are multiple accounts to choose from, use the search bar underneath the Account field to type in specific search criteria such as street address, account name, or reference number to easily find the account.
Support Case Type: Select the Support Case Type from the drop-down list.
The available types are:

  • Billing: Billing, Credit requests, Collections, Account/Contact Updates
  • Data and Networking: Data, Networking, Private/MPLS, and Managed WAN/SDWAN
  • Fraud: Fraud, Call Annoyance, Phone System Hacking
  • Managed Service: Managed Endpoints, Backups, Office 365, Firewalls, or Data Centers
  • Voice & WebEx: UCx, SmartVoice, and all TDM Products (BL, BLC, BLD, PRI, CAS, OP)
  • Make a change to my service: Request changes to your services

Category: Select a Category from the list that best matches your support request. The categories displayed will vary based on the Support Case Type.
Service Address: If you selected a specific location in the Account field, the Service Address field will be auto populated. If not, select the location that has the service or asset in question from the Service Location dropdown list. If the correct service address is not displayed, select the ‘My location isn’t listed’ checkbox to bypass this field. A support agent will work to resolve this after the case is submitted.
Product: Select the affected Product from the drop-down list. The products listed are associated with the service address that was selected. If the correct product is not displayed, select the ‘My product isn’t listed’ checkbox to bypass this field. A support agent will work to resolve this after the case is submitted.
Contact: The contact field will be pre-populated with the logged in user’s information
Description: Please enter the detailed problem description/reason for the case.
Watch List: Additional contacts can receive case updates by adding them to the Watch List field. The contacts listed during case creation are the contacts associated with the account. Additional contacts can be added to the Watch List after the case is submitted by entering their email address in the ‘Manage Watchlist’ section of the case details screen.


To add an attachment, ‘drag and drop’ or select files from your computer into the Attachments box at the bottom of the form.


Once the case form is complete, select the Submit button to create the Case.


The Case Details page provides full insight into an individual case. Access the Case Details page by clicking on a case number in the Overview or Support pages.

  • Select the Activity Stream tab to view the latest case updates.
  • Select the Attachments tab to view, add, and/or remove an attachment to the case.
  • Select the Manage Watch List tab to view, add, and/or remove Watch List users.
  • Type a message to send to the case owner in the message bar.
  • Cancel the case by selecting the Cancel Case button.


Click on your initials in the top right and select My Account

Select the Reset password button.

Select a forgotten password question to reset or unlock account if the password is ever forgotten

Choose a Question from the drop-down list. Enter the answer in the Answer field and select the Save button to save the challenge question.

To change a password, enter the Current and New password, confirm the new password, then select the Change Password button. A “Password changed successfully” message will appear.

A confirmation email will be sent from TPx Admin ([email protected]) indicating a password change was made.




To reset a forgotten password, select the “Need help signing in?” link at the bottom of the login page. Select the “Forgot password?” link.

Enter your Email address or Username and select the Reset via Email button.

An email will be sent from TPx Communications ([email protected]) with a Complete Password Reset link that will expire in 1 hour.





After too many login attempts, a user will be locked out of the Portal. If a Password challenge question has been setup, you can unlock your account by selecting the “Need help signing in?” link. Next, select “Unlock account?”

Enter your Email address or username and select Send Email.

Open the email from TPx Communications ([email protected]) and follow the instructions to unlock your account. If the password is unknown, please complete the Forgot Password steps to reset the password.

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