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Improve Email Security with Inbox Detection and Response

Don’t be fooled by thinking a phishing attack won’t happen to you. According to the Strategic Security Survey by Dark Reading, 53% of organizations reported a phishing-related breach in 2021. While you can mitigate against some breaches quickly, others can have a devasting impact to your reputation and bottom line.

Take a minute and think about the power a single email can have over your business. This is a real threat that you need to protect your business against – and with the right tools, you can. Managed Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) enhances what you’re already doing to keep your business secure and adds an additional layer of protection directly in your employees’ inbox. In this blog, we’ll discuss what IDR is, how it can improve your email security, and why you shouldn’t delay incorporating it into your strategy.

What is Inbox Detection and Response?

TPx’s IDR allows employees to report suspicious emails to determine if they are malicious or safe. Managed Inbox Detection and Response leverages the GoSecure Titan Platform, a predictive multi-vector detection, prevention, and response solution. Using advanced threat analysis and human intelligence, Managed Inbox Detection and Response enables real-time phishing detection and response to keep your business better protected against threats.

Advantages of Managed Inbox Detection and Response

With phishing being the number one cause of data breaches, having an email security tool like Managed Inbox Detection and Response can reduce your risk. Read on for how TPx’s Managed Inbox Detection and Response can improve your security posture and save you from costly cyberattacks.

1.   Reinforce Better Security Habits

According to a recent Terranova report, almost 20% of employees are likely to click on phishing email links, and of those, a staggering 67.5% will go on to enter their credentials on a phishing website. Managed IDR helps employees make better choices and empowers them to be part of your strategy to defend against phishing attacks.

2.   Quickly Identify Email Attacks

Managed Inbox Detection and Response seamlessly integrates with Outlook, making it easy for employees to identify phishing attempts. Users click on the Inbox Detection and Response button within Outlook to submit suspicious emails for analysis. The email is quarantined and within minutes the email is either returned to the inbox and marked as safe to proceed or identified as a threat and removed permanently from the employee’s inbox. By incorporating this practice into everyday habits, employees will be better able to identify threats and verify them easily.

3.   Perform In-depth Email Analysis

According to an Osterman Report, 24% of a security analyst’s 40-hour work week is dedicated to investigating, detecting, or remediating phishing emails. With Managed Inbox Detection and Response, your IT team benefits from automated machine learning analysis of suspicious emails paired with further analysis and 24/7 support from our human security experts.

4.   Global Removal of Email Threats

When a malicious email is identified and verified through Managed Inbox Detection and Response, it is removed from the user’s inbox and globally removed from every inbox from the organization. Businesses can ensure no other employees will fall victim to the phishing attack when emails are globally removed.

5.   Corporate Security Insights

Your in-house security team gains clear visibility with real-time reporting of incidents and resolution. With comprehensive dashboards and reporting, you can track emails processed, adoption, and activity.  The detailed reporting within Managed IDR helps IT staff monitor the progress being made on email security.

Why Implement Inbox Detection and Response Now?

Investing in your user security tools can reduce the risk of a cyberattack and the associated costs and risks that go along with it. According to an IC3 report, a single malicious email can cost businesses significantly with US businesses suffering adjusted losses of over 54 million dollars.

Phishing attacks aren’t going away anytime soon, so it’s critical that businesses are prepared with the right tools to defend against them. For a limited time, TPx is offering free Security Awareness Training when Managed IDR  is purchased. When you consider that the right Security Awareness Training program can reduce phishing email click rates by 75% according to the Infosec Institute, you’re gaining a lot of additional value from your investment. Contact a TPx representative and learn how Managed IDR can help improve your email security.


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