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Four Advantages of SD-WAN Networks

Advancements in technology and the overwhelming use of cloud-based applications call for a more reliable managed network solution. Software-defined Wide Area Networking, or SD-WAN networks, has revolutionized how a company’s network is controlled and allows for secure and intelligent centralized software to guide internet traffic where it needs to go.

SD-WAN networks help save money by providing the highest amount of bandwidth when it is needed most. Take a closer look at these top four reasons to consider SD-WAN for your business.

Reliability and Efficiency

SD-WAN networks allow businesses to have a faster connection while using multiple high-bandwidth WAN links. Whether you have an existing network of MPLS, broadband, or a hybrid model of the two, they are bonded together to optimize performance. AI controls traffic from different locations to maximize the highest-performing link available. The ability to leverage more than one network link at a time enables the network to stay online more consistently. This enhances the users’ experience and significantly minimizes the number of outages for the business network.

Lower Costs

The customizable nature of SD-WAN networks makes it a cost-saving option for many businesses. You can choose which carriers, hardware, access technologies, and other components specifically meet your company’s needs. This can reduce the network budget by not having to pay for technology you do not need. Furthermore, focusing on lower-cost connection options for low-priority traffic can significantly reduce your overall cost.

Business Continuity

SD-WAN is a virtual network solution that can be operated from one central location to quickly respond to the needs of your business across all branches, particularly when there is an issue. This real-time view of your company’s system performance gives you complete control of the SD-WAN network, enabling you to provide the needed adjustments at a rapid pace. The ability to quickly respond to the needs of your business helps your daily operations to remain at their peak levels, enabling continuity in services for both employees and customers alike.

Improved Security

Built-in end-to-end encryption tunnels are throughout the SD-WAN network. This provides a secure base for the firewall or access gateways set up within your network. These securities are implemented in the network regardless of the amount of data transmitted over a public infrastructure. Added security gives your overall network the protection it needs to continue providing reliable internet access for your company.

Implementing SD-WAN Networks in Your Business

There are a lot of advantages that come with switching to an SD-WAN network. While this blog covers just a few of the advantages SD-WAN networks can have on your business, our latest e-book outlines everything you need to know about SD-WAN to build a network of the future.

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