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[Video] Enterprise Directory

The Enterprise Directory generates a list of users in your UCx group. Watch this video to learn how to view and save your company’s Enterprise Directory.
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Custom Contact Directories

The Custom Contact Directories feature of the UCx Web Portal allows an administrator to modify an existing custom contact directory.
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Passcode Rules

As a group administrator, you can set the rules that the system applies to users' voice portal passcodes. (You can also configure password rules.) These rules can increase the security of your portal.
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Password Rules

As a group administrator, you can set the rules that users in your group must follow when entering, resetting, or changing their passwords. (You can also configure passcode rules.)
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Inventory Report

The Inventory Report reports on your group's phone numbers, devices, services, users, and departments.
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Enterprise Directory in the UCx Web Portal for Administrators

The Enterprise Directory generates a list of users in your group or enterprise. This page includes listings for user accounts such as Auto Attendants and Call Centers, and listings for numbers in the Common Phone List. Listings include profile information for all user accounts.
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Common Phone List

The Common Phone List menu allows you to store frequently-called numbers that will be available for all members in the group (such as a security company, company caterer, or company day care center). You can quickly add numbers by importing an existing phone list as a CSV file.
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