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Introduction to Network Monitor

Network Monitor is a TPx web-based tool that gives you the ability to easily detect, diagnose and resolve network issues – before outages occur. You can use it to get both enterprise-wide and individual interface insights that enable you to effectively and clearly manage all network events to keep your business communicating smoothly.
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Node Status Icons in Network Monitor

You can quickly see the status of every node in Network Monitor’s different views without reading the details. These clear visual icons are used consistently throughout Network Monitor.
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Summary Page in Network Monitor

The Summary page is where you’ll spend most of your time on Network Monitor. It’s a single page-at-a-glance display that gives you immediate access to all the critical information you need to monitor your network’s performance. Here’s what you’ll see:
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Events Tab in Network Monitor

The Events tab in Network Monitor lets you sort and view network events by specific parameters. You can filter devices by network object or type and you can filter events by type and time period.
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Network Wide Menu in Network Monitor

The Network Wide tool in Network Monitor provides three high-level views of overall network performance that you can customize by date range to display trends and results:
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Reports Menu in Network Monitor

The Reports menu in Network Monitor gives you detailed pre-defined reports that you can regularly use to understand and manage your network.
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Node Details in Network Monitor

Click on a node listing anywhere in Network Monitor and you will get in-depth technical performance data that you can use to quickly resolve problems and effectively manage your network, including:
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Interface Details View in Network Monitor

When you click on an interface listing anywhere in Network Monitor, you’re taken to a comprehensive series of charts and tools that you can use to understand and proactively manage your network down to a device level.
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