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Contact Methods

Here at TPx, we are all about creating a frictionless customer experience.  Part of this is making it easy to get the right support when you need it. MSx Managed Services support personnel are trained and certified in the technology solutions we manage, and have experience supporting thousands of customers across the country.  These experts are available 24x7x365 to help deliver efficient and effective support for all your MSx services.  You can contact support and open service tickets in three ways:

  1. DASH Portal:  Authorized contacts have access to DASH, our online customer portal. This is a fast and efficient way to request non-emergency services of any kind.  When you submit your request in DASH a service ticket is automatically created and an MSx resource will be assigned to work the request.  This contact method is appropriate for most routine support tickets and change requests.
  2. Phone Call:  Authorized contacts can request service any time day or night via a phone call.  We staff our support centers 24x7x365 and we answer calls in an average of under 30 seconds. Submitting a request via telephone is the preferred method when you have any kind of priority service request.
  3. Email: Authorized contacts can submit support request via email.  Email requests should only be submitted for low-priority change requests and not for high-priority support needs.  Email is not monitored 24×7 and no response SLA applies to email requests.

The following chart summarizes how to contact support.


Service DASH Requests Phone Requests Email Requests
MSx Backups Yes (888) 611-8722 [email protected]
MSx Datacenter No (888) 611-8722 [email protected]
MSx Endpoints Yes (888) 611-8722 [email protected]
MSx Firewalls Yes (888) 611-8722 [email protected]
MSx Networks Yes (888) 611-8722 [email protected]
MSx Office 365 Yes (888) 611-8722 [email protected]
MSx WAN Yes (888) 611-8722 N/A

Request Prioritization

To ensure that all requests are prioritized and addressed efficiently, TPx follows response time chart below.  For additional MSx Service terms and conditions see here.

Priority Code Scope Mean Time To Respond (MTTR)
P1 Emergency Outage Immediate
P2 Critical Multiple users affected 30 minutes
P3 Urgent One user affected 1 hour
P4 Normal (Default) Single application/Single User 2 hours
P5 Request Request or warning 6 hours

Support Escalations

Your satisfaction is our obsession.  Our team Leaders, Managers, and Executive Leadership is there for you should you need to escalate a specific service request or general customer satisfaction issue with our service.  For the current technical support escalation matrix please visit

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