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Receptionist allows you to view, search, and organize your contact directories. You use the Contacts pane to manage your contact directories, monitor selected contacts, and place or manage calls to your contacts.

The Contacts pane contains a tab for each of the following functions and contact directories. The exact set of tabs you see may vary depending on the services assigned to you.

Tab Name Contents Comments
Favorites Contacts whose phone status you are currently monitoring. You or your administrator must configure the list of contacts to monitor in the UCx Web Portal.Monitoring is limited to 200 static contacts enterprise-wide.
Group/Enterprise All contacts in your group or enterprise directory. You can dynamically monitor the contacts in this directory. You may only see the contacts in your group if your administrator has restricted your access to the enterprise directory.
Common All contacts in your group’s common phone list. This directory is configured by your administrator. It may be empty if your administrator has not added any contacts.
Personal All contacts in your personal directory. You can manage this list in the Receptionist client or in the UCx Web Portal.
Speed Dial All speed dial codes configured for you or by you for your Speed Dial services. You can manage this list in the Receptionist client. You need to have Speed Dial 8 and/or Speed Dial 100 services assigned.
Instant Message The presence status of the Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P) users that you are subscribed to. This list will be empty if your status is Offline. You need to have the Integrated IM&P or Third-Party IM&P service assigned.
Queues  The call centers and associated numbers that you are staffing as an agent or supervising. You can transfer calls into these queues. You need to have the Call Center service assigned.
(search only)
All users found in the configured Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory. Results are displayed in the Search panel. The directory needs to be configured by your system administrator; otherwise, it is not visible.  You also need to have the LDAP Integration service assigned.
Custom: <name> All contacts in your custom contact directories. Each custom directory is displayed in a separate tab. These directories are configured by your administrator. You may not have any custom directories, or you may have several.
Outlook All of your Outlook contacts. Configure this directory in Settings. You need to have the Outlook Integration service assigned.
Search Search for contacts across all directories. (none)

Click on a contact in any contact directory to display information about the contact, as well as show action buttons for the operations that you can currently perform on that contact.

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