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Anywhere Number Lookup

Group administrators can use the Anywhere Number Lookup tool in the UCx Web Portal to verify if a phone number is used as an Anywhere location in the group.
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Introduction to the Utilities Menu

The Utilities page of the UCx Web Portal displays utility menu items including call logs, feature access codes, and the enterprise directory. You can activate or deactivate services by turning them on or off on the page for that service.
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The Registrations page of the UCx Web Portal displays all of your static and dynamic registrations.
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Intercept User

If your line has been decommissioned, Intercept User allows your administrator to gracefully take your phone out of service while providing callers with informative announcements and alternative routing options.
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Basic Call Logs

Basic Call Logs display your most recently received, missed, and placed calls.
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Feature Access Codes

Feature access codes (also known as star codes) allow you to enable or disable features using your phone's keypad.
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