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Call Recording

The Call Recording page of the UCx Web Portal allows you to configure the settings for your Call Recording service.
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Anywhere allows you to place and receive calls from any device (such as a cell phone, landline phone, or softphone) with only one phone number. You can choose which phone number to show as the calling line ID, and “hand over” calls between fixed and mobile phones.
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The Executive page of the UCx Web Portal allows you to define an assistant pool that will answer calls for you. As the executive, you can configure call filtering, screening, and alerting, or your Executive-Assistants can manage these settings for you.
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With the Executive-Assistant page of the UCx Web Portal, you can view the Executives you are assigned to as an assistant. From this page, you can also access the Executive service settings for an executive.
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Video Add-On

Video Add-On allows you to configure a video-capable device in addition to your phone. The configured device will be used when you place or receive a call to a person that has video capability.
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Hoteling Host

Hoteling Host allows you to designate yourself as a host user. A Hoteling Guest can associate to you as the host user and use your device with their service profile. If an association limit is not enforced, the Guest user is allowed to associate with your device indefinitely.
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Group Night Forwarding

When the Group Night Forwarding service is activated, your external calls are redirected to a configured destination.
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Flexible Seating Guest

Flexible Seating Guest allows you to associate your device profile with a Flexible Seating Host device. In other words, you can use the host device as if it were your own.
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