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State Bar of Texas Turns to TPx to Deliver Advisory Services to Its Members

The State Bar of Texas has partnered with TPx to deliver cybersecurity advisory services and collaboration to its members.

TPx will provide specialized pricing and discounted access to State Bar of Texas Members, and offers a full suite of services and offerings, including Business Internet, Managed SD-WAN, Managed Firewalls, Managed Network Services, Security Advisory Services, Managed Endpoint Security, Managed Data Center Colocation Services, Unified Communications, Managed Microsoft 365 Business and Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery.

State Bar of Texas Members can visit this page to learn more and request information.

Technology is omnipresent and essential for law firms, and attorneys are ethically required to maintain and update their solutions to ensure attorney-client privilege. However, staying atop the latest offerings in today’s cloud and digital world doesn’t need to be lawyers’ primary focus, especially when they can turn to a trusted and experienced partner to help them with their technological journey.

Given the steady increase in cyberattacks against the legal industry, law firms must also focus on cybersecurity measures that protect confidential systems, documents, and client data. Old or outdated technology is a risk, making it critical for law firms to ensure their technology is current.

Compliance is also central to legal work, from individual client confidentiality requirements to broader industry standards, including HIPAA. Failure to follow regulations could lead to reputational and monetary damages, making proper technology and rigorous cybersecurity measures a business necessity.

Firms don’t always have time to monitor regulatory changes continuously to update. Instead, TPx’s Security Advisory Services delivers a holistic security posture and ensures firms navigate the complex and changing regulations and have a defensible position.

“Threat actors regularly target law firms due to the sensitive nature of the data they hold, making the need for an IT partner more critical than ever,” State Bar of Texas Executive Director Trey Apffel said. “TPx has specialized experience in handling cybersecurity for the legal industry and offers solutions that will empower State Bar of Texas members to help protect themselves against hacks and breaches. We look forward to the added protection TPx will bring to our members.”

The State Bar of Texas is the latest organization to turn to TPx for its Managed IT Services for its members. TPx has worked with companies large and small to develop customized solutions to help them prepare for changing regulations and burgeoning threats.

TPx customizes information security programs to a company’s requirements, size, complexity, operations and data sensitivity. Click here to read recent success stories of companies that have partnered with TPx to deploy the right-sized solutions that help their businesses prosper.

The State Bar of Texas is a public corporation and an administrative agency of the state government’s judicial department. Its mission includes enabling its members to better serve their clients.

Do you feel prepared to tackle the many threats facing businesses? We work with companies of all sizes across every industry to deliver IT solutions to increase their resiliency and navigate the unexpected. Get in touch with us to get started.

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