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Creating a Holistic IT Strategy for Modern Work

Modern work environments have challenged companies to create dynamic, complex information technology (IT) structures. With many employees working in remote or hybrid capacities, the new status quo has accelerated the need for organizations to focus on holistic digital transformation. Without a comprehensive approach to IT strategy, organizations risk loss of their competitive edge, reduction of productivity, falling short of customer expectations, and more. To fulfill today’s demands while preparing for those ahead, businesses should create a unified, full-scale approach to positioning their IT for the future of work.

Define Your Business Objectives

Without defined business objectives, it’s hard to gauge where your business should go. What matters most to your company besides revenue growth? Determine key initiatives and lay out clear goals for the next few years, including how your ideal IT strategy supports that plan. Consider emerging technologies, hybrid work environments, scaling up headcount, opening new locations, and even go-to-market strategy. Ensure buy-in with your company’s leadership and align on priorities to position a holistic IT as a crucial asset in preparing for tomorrow. Technology should be central to your company’s plans and direction.

Assess Your Current IT Infrastructure

Before you can improve, it’s vital to understand where your current IT infrastructure stands. Take stock of what today looks like to better prepare for tomorrow, and consider infrastructure needs like:

Strong Network Systems

To keep up with today’s demands, your holistic IT strategy much include a network that is not only powerful and resource-optimized, but built on a strong foundation. Managed networks offer an end-to-end service that helps increase productivity, lower costs, and reduce the complexity of managing an entire system on your own. In addition to performance improvement, you’ll benefit from simplified billing, a network of specialists, and the latest technology.

Cloud Communication

Unified cloud communications is another essential for both the present and future of work. Cloud-based services allow organizations to seamlessly communicate with customers, partners, and other team members. Businesses should move beyond traditional legacy VoIP or phone systems for an entirely new way to deploy communications at scale. Keep everyone connected across locations, time zones, devices, and more.


Cybersecurity is critical for mitigating threats and risks and for keeping your most sensitive data, files, applications, and infrastructure secure and protected. For businesses, managed security services can support internal teams at a fraction of the cost. Instead of hiring and retaining specialized, in-house security employees, outsourcing threat management and protection to an expert provider saves both time and resources. Services like endpoint security, managed detection and response, firewalls, and even security awareness training can help build a comprehensive, holistic cybersecurity plan.

Adopt Cloud-Based Technology

Modern work is in the cloud, and in addition to cloud-based communication technology, there are myriad ways to move away from traditional, on-site infrastructure. Cloud-based technology offers benefits like easy deployment, seamless maintenance, reduced costs, and flexibility. Today, most IT applications are offered in the cloud or a flexible, service-based format that makes it easy for your business to scale up and down in response to demand or growth. As you consider your organization’s future, consider any legacy on-prem technology that should be transitioned to the cloud. The undertaking can be tedious, but the long-term results are motivating.

Embrace Automation

Automation and artificial intelligence are much more than simple buzzwords. The most forward-thinking organizations are already relying on emerging technologies like automation to improve productivity, save time, optimize resources, enhance digital experiences, and reduce repetitive, manual tasks. In the IT world, automation can take many forms. From ticket management to automatic backup and recovery to around-the-clock threat detection, automation can be a powerful time and cost-saving tool if implemented properly, driving productivity by reducing human error and introducing heightened consistency and standardization across your business.

Address Cybersecurity Concerns

Strong, proactive cybersecurity is mission-critical when creating a holistic IT strategy for modern work. However, many businesses don’t know where to start when creating their infrastructure and defenses. Security advisory services allow an expert to come in and assess your current structure, analyze your policies and framework, and investigate any potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Then, you can either work on their recommendations yourself or outsource to a managed security provider for comprehensive coverage and tailored solutions. When an outside provider thoroughly assesses your business, you’ll feel confident your infrastructure is protected no matter where employees are working – or what the future looks like.

Work With a Managed Services Provider

Creating a holistic IT strategy for modern work means starting with a thorough, comprehensive assessment of your current state and developing a strong understanding of your organization’s vision for the future. For businesses unsure where to start or those that do not have the bandwidth to perform assessments in-house, IT management services can drive operational improvements across all locations. TPx experts can implement the latest technology for seamless performance to increase efficiency, improve security, and reduce costs. Contact the TPx sales team today to speak with an expert.

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