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Bringing AI Into Your Virtual Meetings

When ChatGPT set the world record for the fastest-growing user base, the whole world began taking serious notice of artificial intelligence (AI). Organizations across industries are rapidly revolutionizing thanks to AI and being able to realize improved efficiencies, reduced manual tasks, improved data-driven decision-making, and more. But did you know the power of AI can extend to your virtual meetings? In this blog, we’ll outline how your organization can utilize artificial intelligence in your UCx with Webex virtual meetings.

How AI Redefines the Virtual Meeting Experience

UCx with Webex is a one-of-a-kind, unified cloud communications platform that brings calls, chat, meetings, video conferencing, and collaboration together in a single, easy-to-use application. Today, thanks to remote and hybrid work, virtual meetings are the table stakes for effective communication as organizations are more distributed than ever. As user needs evolve, virtual meeting technology must evolve with it.

With the AI advancements from UCx with Webex, you can enhance your virtual meeting experience, optimize clear communication, and improve accessibility to widely distributed teams. When combined with UCx with Webex’s already rich feature functionality, the AI enhancements help your team collaborate more efficiently to save time and increase productivity.

Top AI Features in UCx with Webex

UCx with Webex offers several different ways you can incorporate AI into your virtual meetings. Some top AI features include:

Virtual Assistant

Webex’s virtual assistant responds both audibly and visually to voice commands during virtual meetings. With the AI-powered virtual assistant, you can ask Webex to write down action items, provide notes, and more. This allows you to stay engaged and focused on the conversation happening in front of you. Plus, if you are presenting a slide deck or walking through visuals, it helps you give commands without breaking your pace.

And there are even more AI advancements underway for the virtual assistant. During WebexOne 2023, Cisco announced that it is adding pervasive, generative artificial intelligence into Webex enabling it to be even more AI-enabled, smarter, more efficient, and easier to use in every way. For example, it will help you get caught up on a meeting you are late to in real-time, automatically summarize an hour-long meeting recording into just a minute, recorded meetings will automatically include chapters, highlights, and even personalized action items, allowing you to get to the most critical information faster.

Gesture Recognition

So much of what we say is nonverbal, which can often get lost during virtual meetings. UCx with Webex’s powerful AI tool auto-recognizes specific facial recognition gestures to display the reactions within the meeting. Gesture recognition helps natural communication that doesn’t interrupt the flow of the conversation. With the gesture recognition feature, you can now raise your hand, clap, give a thumbs up or down, and more to emote your reactions. Gesture recognition makes virtual calls and meetings more dynamic and natural, enhancing communication beyond basic audio.

Webex will also soon exclusively feature an industry-first AI Audio Codec and Super Video Resolution. By leveraging this breakthrough technology in video meetings, we can deliver remarkable audio and video quality, even with poor network conditions, while using a fraction of the bandwidth. This is a true end-to-end solution for speech enhancement and highly resilient communications.


As ubiquitous as virtual meetings are in today’s business landscape, the demand for written transcriptions has increased. With UCx with Webex, turn your virtual meeting recording into a high-quality, accurate transcription. This enables you to quickly look back at meeting notes versus having to spend time watching the full recording. Let’s also consider that using audio data to populate a video meeting transcription is dependent on the quality of that audio to be understood by the AI – this is where the new Webex AI Codec, mentioned above, comes in to make it all work.

As it relates to the application of AI, most of the industry has focused on text inputs, which Large Language Models (LLMs) use to deliver these transcriptions. Recognizing the value of non-text cues in communication, such as tone of voice, facial expressions, and gestures, Webex has been developed to include Real-time Media Models (RMMs), an industry-first technology that extracts rich real-time insights from multiple audio and video streams. This innovative approach sets a new standard for understanding human interactions within the video meetings and enhances the AI generated transcription summary.

Enhance Your Meetings by Using UCx with Webex

AI tools enhance the quality of your virtual meetings. From saving time with a virtual assistant to creating more engaging conversations with gesture recognition, UCx with Webex is one of the leading AI-enhanced unified communications solutions. Ready to see UCx with Webex in action? Contact our team today for a demo and see what UCx with Webex can do for your business.

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