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Announcing Expanded Feature Functionality in UCx with Webex Spaces

Good collaboration doesn’t just happen – you need the right environment and tools to foster it. That’s where UCx with Webex comes in. TPx has partnered with Cisco to deliver an unmatched communications experience combining enterprise-grade voice and phone capabilities with messaging, meetings, and collaboration powered by Webex. To further enhance our customers’ communications and collaboration, we’re excited to announce new feature functionality that will make meetings in UCx with Webex Spaces that much better.

What are UCx with Webex Spaces?

UCx with Webex Spaces are a great way to bring people together who are collaborating on a specific topic. A Space is a dedicated location where people inside (and outside) your organization can message, meet, share files, and collaborate virtually. Instead of hosting a meeting and following up communication across different channels, you can do everything all in a space.

Expanded Spaces Feature Functionality

Get ready for a better way to meet. When you join or schedule a meeting in a space, you now have access to a dozen more features that previously only existed in UCx with Webex Personal Meeting Rooms. You can now take advantage of:

Animated Reactions and Gestures

Participants can now express themselves without saying anything. With a click of a button, they can give a thumbs up to agree with the presenter, clap their hands when they want to show their appreciation, laugh at a joke, and so much more. Using animated gestures and reactions help create a more interactive experience without interrupting conversations or derailing the meeting.

Noise Control

Unwanted noise during meetings is sometimes inevitable. Prevent it with the ability to mute on entry, mute one participant, or mute all participants. Having multiple options to control participant audio makes it easy to have productive meetings without distractions.

Local Recording

Have individuals who can’t attend the meeting live? Record your meeting and share the recording in your UCx with Webex Space. All your collaborators can replay the recording and refer back to what was discussed during the meeting.

Embedded App Functionality

UCx with Webex integrates with several different apps including Slido for live polling and Shared Timer to help you stay on schedule. When you launch a meeting within UCx with Webex Spaces, you can now leverage functionality from hundreds of different applications – the possibilities are endless.

This new feature functionality is available starting September 2023 for Pro and Elite users. Business users will also get their own personal meeting room as well as access to these exciting features for the first time. A 40-minute max meeting duration is being implemented for the Business users, but if meetings longer than 40 minutes are required, businesses can upgrade. Upgrade users to Pro or Elite license if user hosting meetings longer than 40 minutes.

Improving Communication and Collaboration with UCx

With UCx with Webex, businesses can improve their communication and collaboration with an intuitive solution that employees will love. TPx is committed to providing the best possible experience for customers and continually evaluates and upgrades services. The new enhancements to UCx with Webex Spaces just scratch the surface of what this leading cloud-based solution has to offer. Recognized in the industry for best-in-class feature functionality, businesses can transform their communications and improve employee productivity.

Plus, our award-winning solution provides the flexible communication options that make sense for your business and tech stack. Our enterprise voice service can stand on its own, or if you’re a Microsoft shop, can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams. We also have a SIP trunk option to maximize investment already made in on premises PBX phone hardware, so you can get collaboration features without retiring your PBX system. TPx offers choice and delivers an all-in-one access to your communication tools on desk phones, mobile phones and tablets.

Interested in learning more about the new enhancements? Reach out to a TPx representative today to schedule a demo and see UCx with Webex in action.

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