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How Two TPx Team Members Seized the Moment Thanks to TPx’s Partnership with the Flatiron School

Ridwanat “Riddy” Adeleke and Joseph Waide didn’t necessarily plan for an IT career. But when the right opportunity arose, they seized the moment — and they haven’t looked back.

Adeleke moved to the United States in February 2020 after completing college studies in archaeology while working in digital marketing. Waide worked in hospitality management during the COVID-19 pandemic and realized he needed a change.

Before they started working at TPx, they discovered the New York City-based Flatiron School, an innovator in the education space known for its comprehensive and immersive training in cybersecurity and IT. Both saw an opportunity for growth because the school teaches in-demand tech skills like software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and product design in line with its mission — to enable the pursuit of a better life through education.

“Flatiron School, looking back at it, was more than just an educational route to the workforce,” Waide said. “I was able to work with a small cohort of like-minded individuals that share a common goal. The instructors were professionals who could provide insight into the industry beyond textbooks and busy work. Without my experience at Flatiron School, I do not think I would be where I am today.”

Two years ago, TPx launched an alliance with Flatiron School to support the advancement of Black technology professionals. Through this partnership, TPx has participated in their four-month-long apprenticeships program, where we provide on-the-job training and ongoing mentorship for young professionals. While the John Stanley Ford fellowship program is no longer being offered, many of these apprenticeships resulted in a full-time opportunity at TPx.

This alliance has been an integral component of our overall recruiting strategies and further supports our diverse hiring practices. For TPx, diversity, equity, and inclusion are not only a priority but at the core of our corporate fabric. The programs, policies, and practices we have in place at TPx contribute to building our rich and diverse community. It’s through the diversity of our team that leads to better collaboration, different perspectives, and cutting-edge ideas.

“Overall, the comprehensive and practical approach of the Flatiron School’s Cybersecurity program has been instrumental in shaping my success as a solutions architect at TPx,” said Adeleke.

“The Flatiron School’s Cybersecurity program provided me with a strong foundation in various cybersecurity domains, practical application of knowledge through hands-on projects, and analytical skills. Additionally, the program’s emphasis on adaptability and continuous learning has equipped me to stay updated with the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity and technological advancements,” Adeleke said.

After graduating from the Flatiron School, Adeleke and Waide accepted roles with TPx, Adeleke as a solutions architect and Waide as a security overlay. The two quickly became key members of the TPx community, helping solve technology challenges for the businesses we serve.

“The transition into my professional career has been an intriguing blend of anticipated challenges and unexpected opportunities for growth and collaboration,” Adeleke said. “As I embarked on this new chapter, I was prepared for the inevitable learning curve, facing real-world complexities beyond the scope of academia. However, the support and guidance from colleagues and mentors surpassed my expectations, fostering a nurturing and collaborative environment that accelerated my professional development.

“Overall, while there were aspects that aligned with my expectations, the professional journey has also presented unexpected opportunities for growth and collaboration,” Adeleke added. “It has been a fulfilling experience, and I continue to be motivated to excel and positively impact my field.”

TPx is proud of the partnership we’ve created with the Flatiron School. Being able to provide individuals just entering the technology and cybersecurity space with new opportunities is nothing short of amazing. Not only have we been able to mentor the next wave of cybersecurity professionals – we’ve been able to add to the diverse framework of our corporate community.

“As a solutions architect, I am amazed by how much I have been able to learn and grow since changing my career,” Adeleke said. “Embracing the challenge of transitioning into the technology and cybersecurity field has been incredibly rewarding.

“The vast knowledge and skills acquired through the Flatiron School’s cybersecurity program and on-the-job experiences have been instrumental in my professional development,” Adeleke added. “From understanding diverse cybersecurity domains to honing problem-solving abilities and effective communication, the journey has been transformational. The continuous learning and adaptability required in this field have pushed me beyond my limits and ignited a passion for constant improvement. Each day, I am inspired by the progress I’ve made and the endless possibilities.”

The team at TPx is excited to continue to grow our relationship with the Flatiron School, provide more opportunities to up-and-coming technology professionals, and continue to enhance our own diverse TPx community. It’s through our diverse workforce that we are able to bring more perspectives to the table and create better go-to-market strategies to support our mission of being the easiest managed services provider to do business with.

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