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Five Benefits of Buying Microsoft 365 from a Service Provider

Some days, it feels like you’re trying to put 24 hours into an 8-hour workday. You can’t imagine getting it all done without tools like Microsoft 365 by your side.

But a lot has changed over the past few years. What was slowly evolving to cloud-based applications suddenly skyrocketed as we adapted to new working methods. Is your team working remotely? Do you partner with teams disbursed across various locations? Welcome to the new way of doing business, where remaining flexible has taken on new meaning.

Maybe now is the time to consider bringing in a partner that can help you improve efficiency and get more done. A Microsoft 365 service provider helps manage cloud-based IT systems and processes that boost your productivity and collaboration by providing you with the expertise you need most.

1. Best Practices from Experts

If you’ve ever hunted for a solution to a problem, you know how difficult it can be. You don’t know what you don’t know. You search Google looking for answers. You bring in teammates looking for solutions.

By working with a Microsoft 365 service provider, you get expert help without onboarding new employees. You get knowledge and experience from certified Microsoft experts. That means less time hunting for answers and more time to implement solutions that help your business grow.

2. License Management

In today’s world, we’re consistently accepting service agreements we can barely read or understand. We click to accept. We cling to what matters most without considering the impact.

Microsoft’s licensing agreements are no different. With so many features, are you truly getting what’s right for your team? A Microsoft 365 service provider makes it their job to evaluate who you are as a business and make recommendations to select the right features for future growth.

3. Scalability

Two steps forward, one step back. Business often feels like the ultimate game of chess, adjusting to new challenges and opportunities as they appear.

How easily do you adapt when these changes occur? Can you add new users as fast as they appear? Can you modify and scale without it impacting your daily routine? If not, a managed service provider may be the perfect partner to add to your team. It’s an easy way to help you evolve as your business grows.

4. Simplified Migration

Have you ever bought into a new system, only to be frustrated at how difficult it was to migrate existing data? Making all the pieces fit can be troublesome when relying on your own knowledge.

It’s easier with an experienced partner. Microsoft 365 service providers have the expertise to quickly move data from one platform to another, without the troublesome errors many business owners face.

5. Enhanced Security

Security has never been more critical than it is right now. With skyrocketing breaches and cybercriminal activity, it’s not a matter of if but when.

Working with a Microsoft 365 service provider means bringing added security protection to the table. A service provider can offer supplemental services like Managed Inbox Detection and Response, which helps users identify phishing and other malicious emails within Microsoft Outlook. And that’s just the start. A service provider can tailor solutions to meet your distinct needs – and best of all, help with implementation.

What you need … when you need it most!

Ready to learn more? We offer you a free guide to dig deeper into the challenges companies overcome as they migrate to Microsoft 365. See how a managed service provider, like TPx can help. We provide expert service in what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best. It’s a win/win! Contact a TPx representative today and learn how we can help with your Microsoft 365 needs.

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