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Employee Spotlight Blog on Lynne Pincek

We are proud of the work we are doing at TPx to become the easiest Managed Services Provider (MSP) to do business with. Driving change within our business wouldn’t be possible without our incredible employees and leaders. Each month we highlight one employee to learn more about their work and experiences. This month, we would like to highlight Lynne Pincek, Senior Vice President, Sales.

Lynne joined TPx three years ago to lead our direct sales efforts. She is an experienced sales executive with a proven track record within the IT and Telecom space. Read on to learn more about Lynne.

What led you to TPx?
I’ve always looked for opportunities where I can use my experience to make an impact and create change that translates into positive results for an organization.  When I joined TPx, our transformation was just beginning. I really liked the people, the leadership team and the goals of TPx – and I wanted to be a part of the tremendous transformation that was underway. I knew we had hard work ahead which would make the success that much more satisfying. 

You’ve been in the IT and Telecom industry for nearly 25 years, how has it evolved? And how does it impact what we do on a daily basis?
The industry has been in a continuous loop of transformation itself.  As a leader in sales, I constantly look at how to take advantage of changes and advancements to improve productivity for my team. Right now, we’re incorporating AI into our processes to increase efficiency. As the industry evolves and technology advances, it opens the door to new opportunities and new ways of thinking.

How does your team’s work impact our mission of being the easiest MSP to do business with?
Every engagement, every interaction, every decision defines how easy we are to do business with and demonstrates how much we care about the success of our customers. Our sales team is amazing, and I am confident in their ability to create magical moments and lead TPx’s mission to be the easiest to do business with!

What do you enjoy about working at TPx?
We have a great team at TPx that sees the 360 degree view of the business and works hard to deliver on initiatives that drive positive results.

As SVP, Direct Sales at TPx, how do you motivate your team?
I value and help enable a very empowered, highly collaborative culture with accountability to ourselves, our goals and our mission. I work everyday to deliver to value, remove obstacles, be engaged and work harder for my team so they can work easier and smarter. I depend upon my work ethic and passion to lead by example and ask my team and leaders to do the same. We are all accountable, we are all forgiving and we are all striving towards one goal. Instead of just focusing on motivation, I constantly look for ways to create momentum. A very wise man recently told me, some people are like the wind, you are the wind. I was so flattered. But I love it, I strive to be wind that drives momentum and success for our team.

You’ve always been a champion of mentoring others. Why is it important?
I was mentored, so I mentor. It is as simple as that. Mentoring was an important part of my career path, and I believe it is critical to give back. It is such a valuable part of your growth as a person, a leader, a partner and life. 

As a woman in a predominantly male industry, what is your advice to women wanting to succeed in this industry?
My father gave me the biggest blessing by never treating me as if I were different than my brother so I truly always felt like a competitor. I would say sincerely believe that you belong in the room, and prepare yourself to be at the same level and then present as such. Most of all, just believe in yourself and surround yourself with those that will support you and your goals.

What professional accomplishments are you most proud of?
I have pride in taking really difficult situations or goals and producing results that exceed expectations. I know that if I can do that at work, it translates to life and to a legacy for those who want to find their own successes. My hope is that legacy is seen and shines on my sons and those close to me.

What has made the biggest impact on your professional life?
Great leaders like our CEO, Rick Mace, and CRO, Patti Key, who are authentic, real and take time to share their vision and their experiences. This goes back to having great mentors in your life and how meaningful that is on a professional level.

What does diversity, equity, and inclusion mean to you and why is it important?
I believe that there is a basic, responsibility and requirement on a human level to understand, to learn, be inclusive, be tolerant and be open to hearing and including all ideas. When we do that, there is an elimination of ignorance, better ideas are formed and a greater good created.

What’s one topic you never get tired of learning about?
I never get tired of documentaries and true stories of underdogs succeeding or learning about really great achievements. For example, take Kobe’s story or the 1980 US Hockey team. These stories empower me to strive to be better.

What does your perfect weekend look like?
I get up, pray in gratitude for our blessings, meet my running friends for a run, drink a coffee with my husband in the back yard, do something fun with my boys, which could range from going to the beach, watching a movie, a trip to museum, or playing volleyball, and then having a nice dinner. We are foodies.

What are you passionate about outside of work?
Travel, experiencing different cultures, remaining active by running, skiing, and yoga.

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