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Six Ways to Improve IT Management Across Multiple Locations

If your business operates across multiple distributed locations, you know how complex day-to-day information technology (IT) operations can be. Businesses must regularly evaluate their IT strategy to ensure their operations are running as smoothly as possible. One of the best ways to streamline operations is to maximize your technology. It’s important to note that technology should support your IT and business strategy, not hinder it. We have outlined a few ways to improve IT management and operations across multiple business locations.

1. Migrate to the Cloud

Physical hardware and infrastructure are expensive and take up space. Plus, it’s time-consuming to continuously update and migrate to different locations. Cloud-based technology makes it easy for IT professionals to remotely manage systems and applications across multiple locations. Administrative functions are managed from a single location versus having to bring IT support on-site, saving both time and money. A cloud-based infrastructure also makes it easier to scale your business locations and support your growth strategy in a cost-effective manner.

2. Implement SD-WAN for Network Optimization

A Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) replaces legacy Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) systems. This makes it easier for businesses to improve performance and create bandwidth efficiency. SD-WAN also connects all business locations together underneath the same network, which helps improve IT management and network operations. With the ability to manage the solution remotely, your IT team will save time and reduce the footprint of a traditional network architecture.

3. Establish a VPN

For additional security, an emerging network trend is utilizing Virtualized Private Networks (VPNs). This creates a secure connection for remote users and different business locations. With an increase in remote and hybrid work, a VPN helps ensure remote locations are just as secure as your in-office headquarters.

4. Build a Strong Cloud Communications System

A unified communications solution combines messaging, meetings, and collaboration tools into a single platform so employees can work together no matter where they are. Compared to legacy PBX systems, cloud communications are also the most cost-effective and efficient to maintain especially when you have multiple locations. One system can be used across locations and can be managed from the cloud. A cloud communications system doesn’t just improve IT management – it also improves employee productivity, collaboration, and communication while also maintaining stringent security standards.

5. Standardize Policies and Technology Across Locations

With different leaders, employees, and business locations, organizations should work to standardize practices, policies, and technology across their locations. If your business locations act independently of one another – you could be creating inefficiencies that you may not be aware of. As you grow your organization and open new locations having technology and infrastructure that is repeatable is critical. One of the best ways to improve IT management as your business scales is to ensure your IT remains consistent across locations. Not only does this improve operations, but it also creates a more recognizable customer experience.

6. Work With a Managed IT Provider to Simplify Operations

A managed services provider (MSP) optimizes your IT operations, no matter how many locations you have. With specialized expertise, an MSP leverages cutting-edge technology and top employee talent to improve operations and productivity while also reducing costs. MSPs are also more cost-effective than retaining IT talent in-house due to the skills gap and increased burnout rate of IT workers.

Work With TPx to Improve IT Management Across Multiple Locations

As an industry-leading IT MSP, TPx offers business internet, networking, cybersecurity, and cloud communications solutions that can help improve IT management and operations. We have a proven track record and have helped thousands of businesses standardize their IT across their business locations. Let us work with your team to create a customized strategy for you. Contact TPx today to see how we can help you improve IT management streamline your multi-location business.

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