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How Managed IT Services Help You Do More With Less

With 77% of employers struggling to find skilled workers, it can be difficult for businesses to manage their information technology (IT) programs solely in-house. IT roles are specialized, expensive, and hard to fill. Add in the costs of IT hardware, software, and cybersecurity, and the IT budget is rapidly spread thin. Managed IT services are a reliable alternative with multiple benefits to help organizations do more with less time, fewer resources, fewer employees, and less bandwidth. The benefits of working with a managed IT services provider are numerous but we’ve outlined how they can make a meaningful impact to your bottom line.

Provides Access to Specialized Technical Expertise

IT environments have grown increasingly complex over the past decade, worsened by the increase in cyber threats. Tight IT budgets prevent many organizations to hire enough specialized staff to handle all their IT needs in-house. The cybersecurity skills gap continues to grow each year, making it difficult to hire and retain talent – especially when you consider there are 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs.

Not only is it difficult to train IT professionals and maintain certifications, but with security threats and trends evolving constantly, it’s almost impossible to keep up. Businesses reduce their skills gap by working with an expert managed IT services provider (MSP), lessening your need to recruit, train, and retain top IT talent. Plus, with their industry expertise and years of experience, you work with the highest quality talent for significantly less than if you were to hire them in-house.

Maximizes Your IT Budget

Managed IT services not only help you get access to the right skillset, helping you save money on employee recruiting, training, and retention, but they also provide greater cost savings on the technology you use. Because an MSP invests heavily in the right experts, tools, and technology, they are able to offer managed IT services for better pricing with faster support than trying to do it all in-house.

The resources needed to maintain a full-blown IT infrastructure in-house are costly, especially when you consider the hardware, software, and maintenance investment you must make upfront. An MSP provides scalable services, so you only have to buy what you need when you need it, making it a great choice for any IT budget. Plus, an MSP advises on tools to skip, ways to reduce overhears costs, and more.

Improves Reporting

MSPs provide top-tier IT reporting for your business. They circulate data on risks and vulnerabilities, utilization, hardware and software lifecycles, network security, and more. Armed with actionable data, your team can make informed, data-driven decisions about your IT infrastructure and ongoing needs. The robust reporting that comes with managed IT services makes it easier to comply with industry regulations, understand cyber risks and vulnerabilities, improve systems usage and adoption, and help you prepare and budget for any pressing issues or projects.

Reduces Downtime

Nothing is more detrimental to an organization than system downtime. If a disaster occurs, every minute of downtime for your business is extremely costly considering the average cybersecurity incident costs 4.45 million dollars.  Not only does your organization lose revenue, but it can also cause irreputable damage to your reputation and cause dissatisfied customers to churn.

An MSP offers a variety of services that reduce costly downtime and dangerous security threats with proactive monitoring, alerting, and 24/7 coverage. One key benefit of using managed IT services is business continuity. An MSP helps ensure your systems and infrastructure remain available even in the event of a threat. With tools to proactively mitigate risk, your business can gain peace of mind knowing that cyber threats are rapidly detected and eradicated to minimize costly downtime.

Increases Scale and Flexibility

Managed IT services enable you to easily scale technology as your business grows. The right MSP will help you adapt as your needs change without the need for costly upgrades or hardware buildouts. You’ll even be able to tackle aggressive growth goals, such as doubling or tripling the number of users or devices. Because an MSP helps augment your internal team, you’ll free up resources to accomplish more. MSPs are also a great resource for business planning and strategic operations for key decisions like growth and expansion.

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An MSP can transform your business. From maximizing your IT budget to reducing expensive downtime, managed IT services help you do more with less. TPx is an award-winning managed services provider that can help your company achieve its goals using technology. With a full suite of internet, network, cybersecurity, and cloud communications solutions, TPx can help you improve your IT while significantly lowering your IT expenses. Want to learn why thousands of businesses trust TPx with their IT needs? Contact TPX today and see how we can help your business do more with less.

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