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Nine Useful Tips for Hosting Online Meetings

Hosting online meetings has become more prominent in the business world, especially as businesses have pivoted to remote and distributed workforces. Nothing kills productivity faster than a poorly run online meeting. To ensure you’re hosting online meetings without a hitch, the experts at TPx have a few tips to help make your meetings as effective as possible.

1. Ensure You Have a Reliable Internet Connection 🌐

Inconsistent internet can result in interruptions that delay the meeting or disrupt its flow. It’s best to test your connection before hosting online meetings. You can check your internet connection and speed using our free bandwidth speed test.

2. Test Your Microphone and Video 🎤

Testing your audio and video only takes a few moments and can create a more fluid experience for attendees. A quick test allows you to ensure your equipment is working properly and address any volume or clarity issues that could impact your meeting.

3. Make an Agenda 🗓️

By creating an agenda and sticking to it, you provide structure for your attendees. The agenda also serves as a guide to ensure admins keep the meeting on-topic. A glance at the agenda and time makes it easy to recalibrate the pace of the meeting.

4. Keep Your Video On 📹

With your video on, you can communicate more effectively with others, especially when it comes to facial expressions and other non-verbal cues. By having your video on, you also inspire confidence in others. In effect, you’re saying you don’t have anything to hide, and you’ve made an effort to present yourself in a professional manner.

5. Nix the Distracting Background ❌

When hosting online meetings, you want a neat, clutter-free background. If that’s not possible, a virtual one works just as well. With virtual backgrounds, attendees focus on what you’re saying and presenting instead of what’s lurking behind you.

6. Check Your Lighting 🔦

Ideally, you want your face lit from the front while in an online meeting so everyone can see you clearly. You can do this with a halo light or by using two small lamps positioned on either side of your screen. Be sure to check your lighting before you join your meeting by testing your video feed.

7. Record Each Meeting ⏺️

Schedules are busy, which means people may not always be able to attend your online meetings. Having a recording is vital. It allows people who could not attend live to listen at their convenience. Recordings are also helpful for attendees who would like to refer to details discussed during the meeting. When you have a solution like UCx with Webex, you can take recordings to the next level and have your online meetings transcribed for quick reference.

8. Lock Your Meeting Room 🔒

Whether you want to reduce the chances of someone hearing sensitive info or prevent surprise distractions, locking the meeting room can be a crucial step. With a solution like UCx with Webex, you can easily create a secure, safe meeting environment.

9. Use Additional Online Meeting Features ⚙️

The best platforms provide a range of features that enable you to do far more than just chat with attendees. For example, you can use polling, whiteboarding, or remote desktop control to provide richer, more productive experiences for attendees. Ensure you are using all the feature functionality at your disposal – it can often lead to a more engaging and interactive meeting for participants.

Host More Effective Online Meetings with UCx with Webex

UCx with Webex is a best-in-class unified communications solution that makes hosting online meetings effortless. The comprehensive platform combines cloud calling, messaging, meetings, video, and collaboration in a single solution so that your team can connect and communicate from anywhere.


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