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A Culture of Mentorship: How TPx’s Internship Program is Building a New Generation of Leaders

The TPx team prides itself on fostering a culture of mentorship every day. It’s the best way to create an open environment where employees can collaborate freely and grow professionally. Our leaders constantly look for opportunities for their team to lead and develop new skills that will support their career objectives. It has become a part of our DNA and a way for employees to grow in their career at TPx.

Mentorship Matters

Most of our TPx leaders have benefited from mentors throughout their careers and know it’s important to give back and mentor others. Mentorship can make a tremendous impact on employees and play a critical role in their success. We encourage mentorship throughout the organization as a way for employees to hone their skills and become leaders within the organization. We believe the best way to build a team is through mentorship, which is why we created our internship program.

The Internship Program

Our sales internship program launched just two years ago and began as a passion project from our Chief Revenue Officer, Patti Key. “Mentorship has always been an important part of my life,” said Patti. “I’ve been fortunate to have some great mentors, and in return, mentor those around me to pay it forward.”

The eight-week, paid internship program is open to all college students interested in pursuing a career in Sales. The program is based in our Maitland, Florida office and is designed to train and equip students with new sales skills. While the program is a great learning experience for students, it also creates a career path for professional growth opportunities within TPx once they graduate to become part of our Sales Development, Technical Overlay, and Sales Operations teams.

The skills they learn during our internship program creates a solid foundation for the start of their career. We are proud to mentor the next generation of leaders and have expanded mentorship opportunities beyond our internship program through our partnership with the University of Central Florida (UCF) School of Business. TPx regularly participates in UCF’s “The EXCHANGE,” an open forum for students to sit down with industry leaders, faculty, and experts to discuss a variety of topics.

Developing Young Leaders

Leaders like Jorge Vazquez, Vice President of SMB and Inside Sales, help make the internship program and our partnership with UCF possible. Jorge has worked in telecommunications and technology for more than two decades, and as a leader, he works with sales teams to drive results and knows it takes more than a job opportunity to ensure the team thrives and reaches its fullest potential. “My motto is leaders make leaders, and that can’t happen without mentorship,” Jorge said.

A mentorship model like TPx’s approach encourages leaders to mentor young professionals or those new to technology and help them grow into future mentors. This synergy can be seen — and felt — by the whole team and acts as a motivator by injecting new energy into the entire organization. It’s a win, win for interns and TPx alike. “It allows our team to not only mentor the next generation of business leaders but opens our doors to more diversity and new ways of thinking,” said Patti. “As we continue to evolve and grow our sales organization, diverse and inclusive thinking will help us reach our highest potential.”

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

These programs also ensure that TPx has a diverse team that reflects the communities and the companies we serve. Diversity plays a vital role in solving the problems businesses face in today’s world. While speed is of the essence, diverse teams solve problems faster and achieve better outcomes for everyone involved because they see issues from different perspectives.

As a company, we have always taken pride in having a diverse team, and as we recruit new interns, we strive to achieve diversity in the workplace. Witnessing a diverse team come together for a common goal is a great experience that highlights the importance of diversity in the workplace.

Our team leaders understand that every team member is unique and has their own personality traits. Understanding how each individual likes to be communicated with and what motivates them is crucial, as well as learning their way of functioning and what drives them.

Mentorship requires aligning the team’s goals with personal aspirations to ensure mutual success and incorporating those tenets into TPx’s overall strategy, goals and objectives. A sincere and honest approach to communicating with the team is vital in building a great team environment.

For more information about TPx’s internship programs, email [email protected].

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