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Cloud Based Communications That Are Accessible for Everyone

One of the best benefits of cloud-based communications is that they enable any kind of digitized media or process to be incorporated into the user experience. This paves the way for a wide range of accessibility options, which make cloud-native communication a convenient solution for a variety of users covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) — and anyone else who wants an enhanced experience while connecting with others.

Leveraging the connectivity potential of the cloud, UCx with Webex supports accessibility features that help more people connect. Users can take advantage of these cloud-based communication features to foster more inclusive collaboration and communications.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Instead of fumbling with a trackpad or mouse, you can quickly maneuver through UCx with Webex using straightforward, convenient keystrokes. This can be particularly useful for users who can only use one hand or a few fingers while they interact with others and present.

Screen Reader Support

UCx with Webex supports the use of screen readers and is continually expanding the types of readers it’s compatible with. With a screen reader, someone who is sight-impaired can have on-screen text read for them. They can also have the screen reader alter its pace and repeat reading as necessary.

Closed Captioning

With closed captions, users who are either hard of hearing or want to keep the meeting quiet for personal or privacy reasons can have the speech of participants turned into text. It’s produced in real-time, enabling participants to keep up with the conversation.

Interpreter Integration

By integrating interpreters, including sign language interpreters, UCx with Webex enables a wider variety of participants to comfortably interact with others in their native language.

Automated Transcripts

Automatically generated transcripts make it easy for attendees to read what people are saying and review the content of the meeting later on. There’s no need to commit key points to memory because you have a written record of what transpired.

Custom Layouts

UCx with Webex allows you to customize your layout view during meetings to best fit your needs, whether you want to look at everyone in a grid view or with a film strip either stacked or on the side. Users can drag videos onto the stage or a customized view to make it easier to listen and participate in the meeting.

UCx with Webex welcomes more creative, insightful minds to every conversation with these and other cloud-based communication features. To learn more about how UCx with Webex can support your business communications, connect with TPx today!

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