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Cloud Calling Services is the Future of Workplace Communications

The use of landlines was on the decline well before the COVID-19 pandemic forced workers out of the office and into remote environments. While VOIP is the current choice for many organizations — as of 2022, approximately 31% of businesses used it exclusively to make and receive calls — the need for collaborative tools is outpacing its capabilities. Cloud calling services represent the future of workplace communications, offering the benefits of internet calling and interactive features while streamlining equipment requirements and costs.

What Is Cloud Calling?

Cloud calling offers voice services through a third party, but it is more than just a telephone provider. The latest cloud calling services let workers communicate via webcam, share files, participate in live screen sharing, and brainstorm with clients and team members using online whiteboards. Some services offer additional features such as transcription, web meeting recordings, and enterprise options that enable the sending and receiving of calls on any device, no matter the location. Because cloud calling is located in the cloud and not on premises, it serves as further protection for your business against power outages and unexpected events that could disrupt on-premise services.

Relationship-Building and the Cultural Benefits

The pandemic forced many people to work from home, with limited social engagement. Using meeting platforms, colleagues could still gather and develop solutions without requiring physical gatherings. Services like UCx with Webex take this approach to the next level, offering secure meetings, file sharing, and messaging capabilities with cloud-based phone services to keep your communications safe, help your team stay on track, and ensure they always have access to the latest information. They also work seamlessly with workplace applications like Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft, furthering productivity without additional training or setup time.

The Cost Savings of Cloud Calling

Rather than relying on legacy PBX systems that take up a lot of real-estate on-premises, cloud calling makes it most cost effective to purchase, maintain, and upgrade services. Businesses can also benefit by freeing up their support staff since cloud calling services do not require as much management as legacy PBX solutions do. Instead of requiring multiple applications, the setup for cloud calling services is streamlined. With unlimited meeting attendance options, you can incorporate large teams of staff and clientele into online meetings, further saving on the cost of travel and the inherent time lost en route. It also allows for more effective remote workspaces, potentially widening your hiring pool.

Are Cloud Calling Services Right for You?

No one could predict the lockdowns endured during the COVID-19 pandemic, but even as businesses have returned to their brick-and-mortar office spaces, the need for cloud calling services remains. Services like UCx with Webex increase productivity and streamline your team’s efforts while saving your organization time and money. From the secure transmission of files and messages to face-to-face meetings that allow for continued remote work environments, the use of cloud calling services ensures that human connection is not lost. Want to learn more about how UCx with Webex can help your business with its communications needs? Contact a TPx representative today

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