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Customer Spotlight: Buena Vista Inn – Ensuring Seamless Emergency Communication

In the heart of hospitality lies a commitment to guest safety and well-being. For Buena Vista Inn in Anaheim, California, ensuring that guests can reach emergency services quickly and reliably is of the utmost importance. But when the inn’s new management sought to establish emergency phone lines, what should have been an easy task became a complex challenge.

Emergency Communication Challenge

Buena Vista Inn’s new management recognized the crucial need for guests to have access to 911 services in case of emergencies. With an existing Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system in place, they sought a straightforward solution – four new phone lines integrated into their current infrastructure – but they quickly discovered that many telecommunications companies were more focused on sales than service.

Sudesh Kumar, who oversees the inn’s technological requirements, faced a frustrating quest for a solution. All the inn needed were four new phone lines. Instead, companies proposed costly alternatives like cloud-based PBX systems or elaborate setups involving IP phones and extensive cabling.

The TPx Solution

Kumar found what he needed in TPx – a partner committed to understanding and meeting Buena Vista Inn’s precise needs. With a clear grasp of the inn’s requirements, TPx seamlessly integrated four new phone lines into the existing PBX infrastructure. This approach not only fulfilled the emergency communication mandate but also proved cost-effective, bypassing unnecessary hardware expenditures.

Ensuring Safety, One Connection at a Time

With TPx’s expertise, Buena Vista Inn secured essential phone lines for emergency purposes and saved costs by leveraging their existing PBX system and avoiding costly hardware upgrades. By optimizing the existing system, Buena Vista Inn achieved enhanced functionality while minimizing expenses—a testament to the efficiency of TPx’s approach.

Reflecting on Success

With the new phone lines operational, guests can now rest assured that emergency services are just a call away. Reflecting on the partnership with TPx, Kumar expressed gratitude for the smooth and efficient process. “We needed a solution for this situation, and to my surprise, we couldn’t find one. TPx understood what we needed and gave us what we wanted. They were on top of everything, and it was a smooth operation,” Kumar emphasized.

A Testament to Partnership

Buena Vista Inn’s experience highlights the importance of choosing the right partner when addressing critical operational needs. By collaborating with TPx, the inn was able to streamline communication infrastructure and ensure a secure guest experience.

At TPx, we recognize that every business – whether a sprawling enterprise or a cozy inn – has distinct needs and challenges. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere transactions; it’s about forging enduring partnerships built on trust. Together, we can turn technology challenges into opportunities. Connect with TPx and experience the difference firsthand.

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