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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Interview with Rick Welts

Over the past year, TPx has been focused on creating meaningful dialogue with employees on diversity, equity and inclusion and fostering an environment where employees can speak openly on the topic. In support of this focus, we invited Rick Welts, President and COO of the Golden State Warriors to speak with the TPx team about his contributions to the diversity and inclusion movement. This is an important discussion at TPx that impacts the broader society. We wanted to share a few highlights from the discussion.

The Role of Business in Society

According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, businesses are the most trusted organization, scoring higher than NGOs, government and media agencies. With this increased level of trust from consumers, the question becomes what role does business have in its contribution to society?


Building a Team

Putting together a team is more involved than just getting talented individuals. To be truly successful, you have to have the right environment and infrastructure in place. Rick Welts and I discuss the key aspects of building a successful team.


The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Movement

While diversity has long been part of the corporate landscape, there is an increased focus on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts that we’ve never before seen in Corporate America. Rick Welts and I discuss the driving force behind the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Movement.


LGBTQ Conversation

As a society, we’ve made a lot of progress in regard to the LGBTQ issue over the past few years. I spent some time talking to Rick Welts about his personal experience coming out as openly gay in 2011 and how the sports community responded.

TPx is proud to be part of the diversity, equity and inclusion discussion and help foster more tolerant and inclusive thinking.

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