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As Customer Needs Evolve, the Experience Must Remain the Centerpiece

The world is often filled with noise, and it can be challenging to cut through it sometimes. But there is one component today that every business can control: the customer experience.

Delivering the best customer experience isn’t just about hiring talented employees. It’s about putting in place a culture of service, and that process begins at the highest levels of any company.

At TPx, I’ve challenged employees to ask themselves: “How did I show up today?”

Did I show up empathetic? Did I show up accountable for the work that’s been done? What words would the customer use to describe their interaction with me?

When we motivate ourselves to show up and serve, there are no limits to what we can accomplish as an organization. But at the same time, we must recognize that what customers want is continually changing — and quickly; what they might need today likely differs from what they needed before the pandemic.

I recently spoke with Channel Futures about our focus on the customer experience. One of the points I made is, “I always want to make sure that we have the right road map that is relevant for the market segment and in line with how customer needs are evolving.”

Understanding that comes down to open and honest dialogue. I actively seek feedback from everyone we encounter, from our partners to our customers through [email protected].  When I initially published my email on the blog, people were worried that I would get too many emails.  But that’s exactly what I wanted, feedback from our customers and partners. Gathering feedback is vital to the success of any business. Learning what we do well and what we can improve upon helps us continue to grow and improve our approach.

Our customers, employees and partners will always have thoughts and feedback about us, and we genuinely want to hear the feedback whether it’s good or bad. We want our customers to engage with us. We want to know when we’ve done a great job or how we can fix an issue.

What’s most significant is that they’re engaging with us, and if there is a problem, there is an opportunity for us to correct it. If we don’t engage, we’ll never hear it, and no one should suffer in silence. While that may be seemingly difficult to accomplish in today’s hyper-connected world, I’ve found it’s crucial to driving prolonged success.

To be unconventional is to ask the hard questions and do the challenging tasks well. But sometimes, people merely want the opportunity to provide feedback, and they want to be heard.

Maybe if we all took the time to listen a little more and talk a little less, we might learn.

What does the customer experience mean to you, and how have your needs changed over the years? You know here to find me: [email protected]. I appreciate every email I get and look forward to having an open and honest dialogue with you.


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