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Five Reasons to Leverage SIP Trunking in Your Business

If your business operates with multiple phone lines and a fluctuating call volume, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking could be a game-changer for your communications. Instead of investing in expensive traditional phone lines, SIP trunking creates “virtual phone lines” that make it easy to do calls across an internet connection. More than standard voice calling, SIP trunking can also enable collaboration functionality, making it a more multidimensional communications experience. Here are a few reasons businesses are leveraging SIP trunking.

1. Cost Savings and Improved ROI

Businesses spend massive amounts of financial resources investing in phone equipment and systems and upgrades every few years. SIP trunking saves businesses money, as all communication is done over the internet, and updates happen seamlessly. Plus, SIP trunking is a simple add-on to existing PBX infrastructure, allowing businesses to get more bang for their buck.

2. Improved Collaboration

With remote working and distributed teams, businesses can enjoy improved team collaboration when messaging and meetings functionality is added to PBX calling. SIP trunks create high-quality bandwidth for crystal-clear audio and video that removes any friction from working over the internet. It improves communication between teams and customers, allowing for more productive, efficient work.

3. Increased Business Uptime and Improved Reliability

SIP trunking is rooted in cloud-based communications that are consistently more stable and reliable than analog solutions. Plus, SIP trunking layers on top of the existing PBX solution to make it much more reliable. Even during busy times, SIP trunks facilitate clear, high-quality digital phone calls. Businesses can scale usage up and down as necessary.

4. Increased Security

SIP trunks create dedicated connections and, unlike traditional phones, often have built-in security protocols. SIP trunks also use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt the codes sent for a connection, preventing hackers from infiltrating. Depending on your SIP trunking solution, suspicious behavior and activity might even get flagged.

5. A Future-Proofed Business

As the rate of digital transformation increases, artificial intelligence explodes, and more businesses lean into cloud communications, technology is only going to change more rapidly. SIP trunking allows businesses a unique competitive edge without heavy upfront investment, getting you more mileage out of your existing PBX solutions while easily bringing on new technology in the future.

UCx SmartVoice for SIP Trunking

UCx SmartVoice is a cost-effective SIP trunking solution that creates a more sophisticated layer of technology over existing PBX hardware. As an essential part of a cloud communications strategy, UCx Smart Voice powers gradual cloud migrations that keep businesses running and reduce downtime while preparing for a more digital future. Want to learn if TPx’s SIP trunking solution is the right solution for you? Contact a TPx representative today for more information.

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