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Four Reasons to Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6

Do you know what type of Wi-Fi you’re running? If you don’t have Wi-Fi 6, it’s time to evaluate your Wi-Fi.

Not all Wi-Fi is created equal. Wi-Fi 6, or 802.11ax, is the next iteration in Wi-Fi connectivity, and it’s engineered to allow many users to connect without sacrificing connection speed or reliability.

As the number of devices in a business goes up, network availability often goes down. As different devices compete for the Wi-Fi signal, transmissions slow down, and connections can be unpredictable. Wi-Fi 6 was designed to solve these problems.

Wi-Fi 6 gives you consistent throughput, faster speeds, less bandwidth congestion, and power savings. We have four reasons why you should upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 if you haven’t already.

Consistent Throughput

Wi-Fi 6 leverages Overlapping Basic Service Sets (OBSS) technology that can send transmissions without waiting before the channel is totally clear. Instead, it can differentiate between traffic that may cause an interruption and traffic that won’t be an issue.

Because a Wi-Fi 6 upgrade enables more users to connect at once, you experience fewer interruptions. For example, if you’re connected to Wi-Fi while on a video conference, and 15 other users are on the same network doing different things, you can expect more consistent throughput for your meeting with Wi-Fi 6.

Faster Speeds

Wi-Fi 6 offers significantly faster speeds than its predecessor, Wi-Fi 802.11ac. For a business, this means you can get the most out of the high throughput you pay for from your internet service provider (ISP), as well as high-end modems designed to haul in several gigs of data.

Less Bandwidth Congestion

With a Wi-Fi 6 upgrade, you do not have to worry about other devices competing for bandwidth because it can serve multiple devices simultaneously. That enables your employees and visitors the freedom to connect and stay connected without sacrificing the performance of:

  • Streaming audio and video
  • Cloud-based services
  • Web applications
  • Emails that have to upload large attachments

Plus, if you use a Wi-Fi 6 router, you can send a signal in the direction of a specific device instead of broadcasting it in all directions at once. That gives the device a stronger overall signal, enhancing the user’s experience.

Power Savings

Wi-Fi 6 also uses a technology called Target Wake Time (TWT). This makes it possible for to schedule communications for specific times. With this feature, you can keep the router and client in sleep mode until the connection needs to happen. The more time in sleep mode, the less power you consume.

With a managed Wi-Fi 6 implementation with TPx, you can get all these features and the support and knowledge of experienced pros. Ready to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6? Learn more by connecting with TPx today!

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