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Highlights from Black Hat 2021

Whether you enjoyed Black Hat 2021 in person or took a more voyeuristic approach and dialed in remotely, there’s a lot to talk about. Here are some of the highlights, equally enjoyed by those safely at home behind a secure VPN—and those braving a sea of some of the world’s best hackers in Vegas.

How To Hack iOS 14 by Zuozhi Fan

Jailbreakers have typically made short work of new iOS releases, with jailbreaks being released only days after Apple’s latest mobile OS. But iOS 14 eluded hackers for five months. On Thursday, Zuozhi Fan explained how he discovered and exploited CVE-2021-1782—the first public, hackable iOS vulnerability.

Using GPT-3 To Defend Against AI-Generated Phishing Attacks

Open AI’s GPT-3 has been used to create compelling, informative drafts of news and other online content. Its natural language processing features are among the best in the world in 2021. On August 5, specialists from the Government Technology Agency Singapore revealed how they used GPT-3 to detect phishing attacks produced by AI. GPT-3 can be used to tell the difference between human-generated text and AI-generated text, enabling security specialists to create filters that stop phishing attacks from bots armed with artificial intelligence.

Beating Hackers Targeting Apple’s New M1 Chip

Apple’s M1 chip, while packed with powerful features, was relatively low-hanging fruit for hackers who’ve created malware aimed at compromising the flagship processor of Cupertino. On August 4-5, Patrick Wardle of Objective-See demonstrated how to identify native M1 code and use those parameters to find and stop malware designed to attack M1 chips.

Black Hat 2021 did not disappoint, showcasing some top hacking talent and, generously, providing insights to help cybersecurity analysts stop malicious players.

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