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How To Take Care of Your Company’s Data

All businesses need to be mindful of data management issues that can cause downtime and loss of important company data. Any business can fall prey to these issues — reporting indicates that 90% of companies have experienced technical issues that led to downtime. To make sure your company is safe from data loss and downtime, take a look at these strategies that can help you take care of your data.

Quickly Restore Data Using a Backup

When it comes to backing up your data, you either have a solid backup or you don’t. Unfortunately, many companies may have plans to back up their data, but they fail to take action before falling victim to a cybersecurity or data loss incident. This is especially concerning since the onset of the pandemic, as IT leaders in the UK and US have reported an increase in data outages (43%), human error tampering data (40%), phishing (28%), malware (25%), and ransomware attacks (18%). Managed backups give you peace of mind by scheduling automatic backups of your data to a secure offsite location. This enables you to quickly restore from backup, no matter what the cause.

Fight Against Cyberattacks With Endpoint Protection

With the rise of data breaches from hacking incidents, endpoint protection is a priority for many companies. Reports indicate that companies in North America are among the highest in penetration of endpoint security. With these concerns for the increase in cyberattacks, endpoint protection can be a driving force to maximize your data security.

Working with cybersecurity professionals to help secure your endpoints offers you several benefits. Not only can they help you reduce your risk of cyberattacks, but they can also help you manage time-consuming tasks such as installing the latest patches and setting up antivirus software to cut off advanced malware and viruses.

Protect Your Datacenter Data and Reputation With Proactive Solutions

When you are running a data center, you must have both a backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Proper planning not only ensures you will not lose important company data but also keeps you from dealing with negative publicity. When a fire destroyed various areas of the OVH’s Strasbourg data centers, this caused downtime for many of their customers — some of whom took to Twitter to post about the fire and complain about the loss of access to websites and applications hosted by OVH.

One of the best ways that you can proactively provide both a backup and disaster recovery plan for your data center(s) is to set up a managed data center solution. For example, a nonprofit organization in California that implemented data center colocation with other managed services was able to remain up and running after a wildfire destroyed one of their sites. The right data center solutions can help keep your company data safe. Also, you can take advantage of additional benefits such as better bandwidth and the ability to reduce costs for your voice and data network services.

If these strategies are what you need to take care of your company’s data, reach out to TPx for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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