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How Unified Communications is Redefining the Office

In light of the pandemic, the upsurge of remote work has redefined the workplace for most Americans. A recent study found that over the last five years, remote work has grown 44% — with remote workers making up almost 59% of the total U.S. workforce.

This new reality calls for remote work organizations to reassess the tools that their employees use in the workplace. Let’s take a look at some of the unified communications solutions that support the way employees work in this new era.

Flexible Meetings and Collaboration Solutions

When it comes to meetings and collaboration, one of the most important tools for remote workers is their web conferencing solution. A solid, budget-friendly web conferencing solution allows remote teams the flexibility to host either small or large meetings from anywhere. It also has several tools that help teams work cohesively — file sharing and whiteboarding features make it easy for them to share all their files and ideas in a centralized location. A good web conferencing solution also provides technology to limit or remove background noise so remote employees can be heard while hosting meetings in noisy environments.

Secure, Focused Messaging

It’s common for remote workers to have to communicate with both internal and external customers. UCx with Webex gives remote employees access to tools that allow them to exchange secure messages with individuals and groups — whether they are inside or outside of the company.

Remote workers can also customize their settings to stay productive. They can view messages and listen to voicemails when they are offline. They can also set their presence status to be transparent with everyone about their availability. In addition, they can stay focused by customizing notifications to alert them based on their preferences.

Manage Calls with Ease Using Enterprise VoIP

In some cases, remote organizations need enterprise-level Voice over IP (VoIP) that streamlines call management. UCx with Webex allows them to make, receive, and manage calls from anywhere with any device. VoIP allows these organization to use their business number over cellular and Wi-Fi networks to place and receive calls. Organizations that route sales calls or use call center staff have the option to integrate with a number of popular business applications like Salesforce and NetSuite.

Remote work is here to stay, and businesses need to provide their employees with flexible tools to support this new reality of work. To learn more about changes in the workplace and how to better position your business for success, read our white paper: The New Workplace Reality.

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