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Improving Learning Outcomes with Reliable Internet in the Classroom

The internet has drastically changed the way we live, work, and play. So it’s only natural that it would also change the way we learn. Today’s students must do more than read textbooks and regurgitate facts in essays or tests. They must also be taught how to find information, evaluate it, and use it creatively and critically.

In a 2021 survey by the EdWeek Research Center, 6% of educators indicated that fewer than half of their students had adequate internet access at home. The need for school districts to incorporate the reliable internet into the learning environment is crucial.

Equal Access to Information

The onset of COVID-19 and a switch to remote learning brought to light the educational inequities experienced by an estimated 30% of students who had no internet access at home or were without the devices required to use it. A lack of high-speed alternatives further exacerbates this divide. At least 18 million individuals in the United States have limited or no access to high-speed internet, particularly in urban, rural, and tribal communities. By making the internet available for classroom use, school systems ensure that all students have access to the same information while eliminating concerns about personal affordability.

Increased Presenter Opportunities

Beyond closing the digital divide, the internet allows teachers and students to connect with others throughout the world, using nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. No longer are teachers and professors forced to use lecturers that are local, remote conferencing technology makes it possible to bring in speakers without costly travel expenses. Virtual presentations and lectures are less expensive and time-consuming than field trips and in-person speaking engagements. They also expose students to a variety of professions and industry experts. For schools in rural areas that might not otherwise have access to these resources, having internet in the classroom is essential.

Effective Teaching Tools

Educators must find innovative ways to incorporate the internet into the classroom and expand their teaching methods. Millions of websites, videos, and learning tools are available to supplement lessons and teach complex concepts. With so many valuable resources online, it is easy to plan engaging lessons and supervise student progress. Teachers can also collaborate with other educators throughout the world to develop far-reaching and inclusive curricula.

By making use of the latest technology and collaborating with other professionals, teachers are able not only to plan more effectively but also to afford students an equal opportunity to learn and explore while preparing them for success in today’s high-tech world.

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) is making it possible for school districts everywhere to enable reliable internet in the classroom. Contact a TPx representative today and learn how we can help provide faster internet speeds and performance across your network.

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